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Is 550-600 to Much or Not Enough? Moderate or Moderate Plus?

Pre BA 36 large C to small D, post BA full D, small DD. 350cc overfilled to 370 saline unders moderate profile and anchor lift. This implant did not... READ MORE

Are there any guidelines for going over your BWD? (photo)

Hi, I had my BA 14 yrs ago, 425cc HP saline unders, 34yrs old now, petite, 5'-0”, 98 lbs. I would like to switch to silicone this year because I b... READ MORE

Malpositioned implant....Asymmetry....Lateral Displacement? BWD to narrow for frame. (Photo)

My right breast is situated farther laterally, displaces to the outside when lying down and has less cleavage demarcation than the left breast. I had... READ MORE

BA revision: 450cc to possibly 650cc. 14cm BWD and pectus carinatum. Too large for me? (Photos)

Getting a BA revision to correct asymmetry and implants too far apart. I currently have mentor MP sub pectoral. I have a wide chest, 14.0cm BWD and... READ MORE

Would switching from Natrelle style 20 400cc to Natrelle style 15 265cc take me down a cup size?

Im currently a 6 weeks post op and measuring a 30dd which is way to big. I would like to be a 32C/30D at most. Im 5ft2 110lbs I measure 29" just under... READ MORE

Breasts are too wide. Will HP Allergan Style 20 fill upper pole and will they look natural? (Photo)

I'm downsizing w/ a revision of full lift, Breasts are too wide and big. Currently mod + silicone unders 339,371cc and 32DD. I'd like to be a perky C.... READ MORE

I am having a BA revision and am questioning what I should get? (photos)

I am having a BA revision and am questioning what I should get. I am 5'6" and 117 w bwd 13.6. I have 295cc 410 MF overs (I had distortion with unders)... READ MORE

BA revision recommendations? (Photos)

I had a BA with textured round 525/ 575 1 yr ago. I m not happy with the lack of cleavage and upper pole fullness. I as well have CC on the right and... READ MORE

Can I benefit from revision breast augmentation? (Photo)

I have had my BA over 3 mo ago (under muscle, MOD+, 11.8 BWD, fold incision, 120lb, 34A pre). I am overall not happy with the distance between the two... READ MORE

Is this truly my only option to go bigger? I got 200 and 225 cc Mentor HP smooth round in August. Measured 10 BWD

200 Mentor HP round smooth and 225 in the other breast. Bwd measures 10. I was told this was max in hp. I got breast implants in August. They are very... READ MORE

Breast implant revision. Would I be able to get 400cc or more in an anatomical shape since my skin has stretched?

I currently have 280cc anatomical implants placed under the muscle. My bwd is 12,5 cm and I'm 65cm under the bust. I wear 30D or 65D. I'm not pleased... READ MORE

Revision - worth it for 30ccs? VERY petite and worried they are too big.

I had a BA in 2013 and originally had 185cc unders placed. Due to complications, replaced with 215cc HP Furry brazilians (10.2cm width). I have... READ MORE

I'm confused about implant diameter and BWD. Should the implant be slightly smaller than BWD? (photos)

I'm 1 yr. post. I'm getting a revision next month (capsulorrhaphies on both, areola reduction & better placement or symmetry of my areola &... READ MORE

Do I need a capsulotomy? If so I would like to increase size and fullness. Can I switch my implants to Moderate Plus? (photos)

I am 32. BF 3 kids. 5'6 114 lbs. BWD 12.5 A: 34AA 375cc silicone HP unders. One of my breast never dropped completely. It has always been stiff and... READ MORE

Breast implant revision skin stretched

I got 280cc anatomical implants done 7 months ago. I had no breast tissue so that was the largest I could go. I want to get a revision and get around... READ MORE

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