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7 Days 2nd Surgery Post Op.throbbing and Burning , is This Normal?

I had my 2nd surgery for BA 7 days ago. I went from 550cc saline to 600cc silicon. partial submuscular just like before. He cut the areolas in the... READ MORE

I have internal bra/stitches and tightening of the pocket causing serious pain. Is this normal healing?

I had a revision done Friday to include internal bra/stitches, tightening of the Pocket increasing the implant from saliene 350 to silicone 500. The... READ MORE

After my fifth revision still not happy with outcome. (photo)

Ad my fifth revision surgery month ago new implants had pain in right 1 burning and know it's not got the volume it had at the side a month ago it... READ MORE

Pain and Burn in my Recent Implant, Why Would this Be?

I have recently been experiencing pain and burn in my implant.I had breast cancer in 1982 implants in 1983. Had them removed in 2011 and new ones put... READ MORE

Insicion burning after repositioning breast implants surgery 10 days after. Healing or should I be concerned? (photo)

Incision area is really tender and burning . I was wondering if this is a sign of something or its only healing process. Im 10 days postop . READ MORE

I was diagnosed with capsular contracture 5 months after my operation. Should I consider another operation?

I have been posting a lot regarding CC. I am now 6 months post operation. I was diagnosed with CC about a month ago in my right breast. Since the... READ MORE

Replacement of Bilateral Implants in Both Breasts?

I had this [procedure done three weeks ago but I have a terrible burning sensation. What could be the cause of this? READ MORE

Will the soreness and burning sensation minimize or go away completely? (photo)

I had my second breast augmentation on Oct. 5th 2013 so im 16 days post op and the only reason i got this augmentation was because i had a deflated... READ MORE

Capsulorraphy did not hold up well and I'm experiencing pain on the bottom and inner side. Any suggestions?

I had breast augmentation 1 year half ago. At about 2 months one of breast began to lower. I experienced pain in he inner side of breast which I still... READ MORE

Burning under incision and on rib after fold revison. Possible I tore internal stitches?

Fold revison three weeks ago. All looked got at post op appt. Today I turned and got terrible burning pain from incision to rib below. Hurts to stand... READ MORE

Burning pain in left breast after revision and capsule removable, how long gone will this last?

I recently had a breast revision and capsules removed. I was told they were like rocks and took a lot of tugging to remove. The drains were removed a... READ MORE

3 weeks post op from BA surgery pain. (photo)

I had saline 450cc implants for 12 years. I developed a capsular contracture in my left breast. I had 600cc silicone implants put in 3 weeks ago. I... READ MORE

I'm wondering if I need my implants replaced? I've had them for 30 years & starting to get some calcification.

I'm worried that my mammograms may not show lumps as easily as in the past. I also don't like the feel of them & there is some slight burning involved. READ MORE

2nd BA after 15 years from 400cc saline to 550cc silicone. Any suggestions on my pain & bruise?

Omg it's 2 months now and I'm still in pains only on my right breast under my armpit area where they stitched the sutures for breast to stay . It... READ MORE

Is burning sensation with breast augmentation normal?

I had a revision breast augmentation 3 weeks ago and I feel like a tingling sensation. Almost like a feel to the skin like I got a sun burn. Is that... READ MORE

I'm having burning in my left breast nipple and side of my breast, is that normal? (photos)

Im 5 weeks post opp, i had my breast implants redone after 16 years. I had them replaced with 300cc silicone implants under the muscle with a anchor... READ MORE

What may be causing pain across the breast & burning; Should I be worried about saline implants that are 18 yrs old? (photo)

I had saline implants done 10/31/1997 to replace silicon implants done in May 1986. I am now 57 and for a couple years I have had burning sensation... READ MORE

43 yrs old 2nd BA after 15 years. From 400cc saline to 550cc silicone. Any suggestions?

7 weeks now. Still have soreness on right breast had both breast stitched on both sides sutures I guess u call it. Is it normal to still have soreness... READ MORE

3rd-month post-op revisional surgery. I have burning w/pain under left breast. With a major slope downwards. (Photo)

I'm 43 yrs old . On my 3rd breast augmentation/revisional within a 10 yr mark due to the worst grade capsular contractures . Fyi . .( .i have health... READ MORE

Is this normal after pocket revision and implant exchange? Severe burning still, can't stand for longer than a few min.

The pocket was so large he could see my back muscles, he used around 50 stitches to sew my muscle to my ribs. It is day 10 post op pain is little... READ MORE

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