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Hematoma Without Bruising or Pain?

I am 4 1/2 weeks post revision w/implant exchange to silicone. Full capsulectomy on right and pocket revision on left. History of pstosis, opted... READ MORE

Bruised Hard Lump Near Incision (Areola) 2 Weeks Post Surgery? (photo)

I had a breast implant revision 3 weeks ago. 8-9 days ago I had pain in right a twisting knot kind of pain. Lasted about 5-10 mins.... READ MORE

Sharp pulling pain in right breast behind nipple

Original BA in 2011. Silicone unders. CC revision in April 2014 in sub-glandular position. Second CC revision 11 days ago, sub-muscular. In 2011... READ MORE

My nipple is black after a breast lift revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

At my 3 day post op my right areola looked black. THe Dr said it was just alot of bruising and didnt seem worried. Monday it was all flat and black.... READ MORE

What is This Bruised Lump Near Areola (Incision)?

I had a breast implant revision 3 weeks ago. Approximately one week ago I had pain in right a twisting knot kind of pain. Lasted about... READ MORE

What's the hard lump on inner breast 1-week post-op after breast implant revision (capsulotomy) surgery? (Photo)

I had breast implant revision surgery on 1/30/15. I had a left breat implant removal, capsulotomy, and implant re-insert done. I had capsular... READ MORE

Do I have capsular contracture? Do I need a revision surgery? (Photo)

Currently 6 weeks post op. The breast that I am concerned about(left) had excess bruising at 2 weeks PO. I developed a flat spot at week 4-5 post-op.... READ MORE

Is Skin Bruising Indicative of the Severity of Bleeding During Operation?

Hi, I had revision BA for CC 14 days ago. I'm wondering whether my very small amount of bruising (only a quarter size on the lower inside breast area)... READ MORE

Please Recommend Reputable Transaxillary Breast Augmentation Doctors in New York for a Revision.

I had transaxillary breast augmentation a month ago. came out very asymmetric. as swollen goes down, only show more and more one big one small, shape,... READ MORE

Is it normal to have massive bruising? (photos)

I had Revision surgery and needed much repair work done to correct things gone wrong the first time with a different PS. Is major bruising normal for... READ MORE

10 days post op capsular contracture significant bruising. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had BA 13yrs ago & wanted to get them redone as I've finished having kids.Im 34 years old & had 300cc in before that lost shape. So I wanted to go... READ MORE

What should I do? (photos)

Had first augmentation in 2003. Had the sec February 18, 2015. (Due to rippling, a contracture on left breast and it was just time). Went back to... READ MORE

Post breast implant replacement surgery and hematoma surgery. Can remaining blood clots travel to the lungs and heart? (Photo)

AFter Two surgeries , im still getting new bruises. The bruises feel like blood clots, can they travel through the body and do harm. Should i request... READ MORE

I do not like my breast implants. They are too small and the gaps between my breast are wide? (Photos)

I do not like my breast implants. They are too small and the gaps between my breast are wide. I cannot fill in a C, but it is close. I like to be a... READ MORE

Do I need a revision? What do I do?? (photos)

Okay so my breasts were extremely assymetrical before the BA, My doctor put in 375cc on both sides, and they are still two different sizes. I know... READ MORE

How do I look 8 days after capsulotomy on the left breast? I had revision on both 660cc saline & benelli lift. Age 40 (Photo)

Left is still sore n feels more swollen then rt. Both feel soft. Bruising initially on rt and center of chest, mostly healed. Occasionally sharp pains... READ MORE

How was I injured so badly during surgery? 72 hours post op donut mastopexy with 360 saline to 375 gummy exchange (Photo)

Upper arm pain as bad as breast pain right after surgery, considered getting sling.brought it up the next day at my post op-told "yes at first... READ MORE

My mother has intense bruising and swelling four days after her implant revision. Is this normal?

My mother had her breast implants in for 18 years and 4 days ago she got them taken out and replaced with somewhat smaller breasts: the surgeon said... READ MORE

2-weeks post-op Capsulotomy - painful and hard bottom of breast. Is something wrong? (Photo)

I had a capsular contracture in the left breast and had a capsulotomy done as part of a breast implant revision surgery. I'm concerned because all... READ MORE

Does taking ibuprofen cause a blood blister ? Or is it the tape? Will the skin keep peeling away where it's bruised? (Photo)

Revision,capsulectomy,&mastopexy done last Wednesday. I was prescribe Norco. I took this medicine 8 pills in almost three days. I developed a serious... READ MORE

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