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Will going up 100 cc make a huge difference? Is it worth the risk if I didn't have a lot of breast tissue to begin with?

I started off as an A cup and had a BA done about 7 months ago. I had 350 cc high profile silicone implants placed but they continue to get smaller... READ MORE

New Silicone implants that have rippling and sagging... HELP!! (photos)

I had saline 430 cc implants for 15 years, BF 3 kids and just recently had them exchanged for silicone natrelle 492cc under muscle. lots of rippling... READ MORE

Is using Alloderm for Implant Revision worth the extra costs?

I spoke to my ps about breast revision. She gave me two prices. One with using something similar to alloderm to help hold implants up and another... READ MORE

1 year post-op & I have rippling. Will switching from Natrelle implants to Mentor silicone fix the rippling? (Pohot)

A few months after surgery, I noticed rippling, right in the front on my cleavage on both breasts/underneath. I have 450cc in one and 525cc in the... READ MORE

I got silicone implants 3 weeks ago, i had saline for 14 years. They look worse now! Will these indents go away? (Photo)

My understanding was that the silicone would have less rippling and look more natural. They look way worse than before and I'm so sad I had them done.... READ MORE

I had a bad Breast Implant Revision, now I have too much tissue on the bottom of my breasts. What are my options? (photos)

AS you can see I have to much tissue on bottom of breasts causing my nipples to show. I told my surgeon this and He was supposed to be the #1 breast... READ MORE

What is the best revision option to correct a muscle flex deformity from submuscular breast augmentation? (photo)

In 2012 I received a Submuscular Breast Augmentation with 260cc High Profile Silicone Implants- incision under the breast. It has resulted in a severe... READ MORE

How long do you have to wait before a revision? What is the likelihood fitting another 100-120cc in once the skin has stretched?

I had breast augmentation 4 days ago with 295cc HP implants this was the largest size I could go due to lack of breast tissue. I really wanted more... READ MORE

Are teardrop implants ever recommendable--even for women with little or no tissue?

I'm looking to revise my breast augmentation to get a more natural, slightly concave upper pole. My doctor said he normally doesn't favor teardrops... READ MORE

Surgery on books but I'm nervous. Is over the muscle tear drop a good option for a revision? (photos)

Same surgeon who did first revision want to replace under muscle implant with over teardrop. says I have plenty of breast tissue, the initial revision... READ MORE

Bigger breasts. I am a 295cc but would like 360cc?

I got my breasts done in April 2015 and had 295 cc put in as I had very tight skin and hardly any natural breast tissue. They were put under the... READ MORE

Sientra 107 smooth HCS+ breast implants. Are these good for a revision surgery on someone with little breast tissue?

I know these are have been recently introduced into the market. I am having no luck finding any information from surgeons who have used them yet, or... READ MORE

I'm getting my 350cc saline implants out due to pain. Do I need a lift? (photos)

I'm getting my 350cc saline implants out due to pain. Not having them replaced. I'm a solid C cup and sometimes D. Was an A cup before. Doctor says I... READ MORE

High or mod plus profile? (photos)

I'm 5'3, 110-112 lbs, small-framed, but athletic. (Run, lift weights, and trainer). I'm 29" under my breasts with little breast tissue left. I need a... READ MORE

What is the best implant for someone with thin skin and very little breast tissue?

I did a revision from saline hp to sientra round hp 355 cc implants 10 days ago. I was hoping switching to silicone would get rid of the rippling I... READ MORE

Downsize to look and feel more natural? How to prevent firmness/ripples? (photos)

Have had implants with no breast tissue for 20 years.I am not in the norm here. I have zero breast tissue. 3 breast surgeries, and really would like... READ MORE

If implants are under muscle, why can I feel the bottom of it through my skin?

I have a good amount of Breast tissue, 5 weeks post op revision, gummy bears. Is it normal to feel the bottom of your implant when you run you're hand... READ MORE

3rd surgery with Siri; already bottoming out and implants are falling in armpits? 2 months post-op (Photo)

I paid for siri after having 2 ba with second surgery my implants exposed. 2 months p.o. & my implants fall into armpits. I paid for siri... READ MORE

How long for tissue to retract and heal on a subglandular converted to submuscular augmentation? (Photo)

2 mo's post on subglandular to submuscular aug. PS is out of state so second opinion appreciated since I cant see him in person. Left breast initially... READ MORE

Breast implant not 100% behind the breast? Tissue still hanging off implant after revision. How can they be improved? (Photo)

Had a massive seroma on left side after 12 years of 1000cc implants with no problems at all. I had ultrasound guided breast aspiration twice - no... READ MORE

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