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Moderate Vs High Profile Breast Implants to Retain Cup Size?

I am having Breast Implant revision next week due to capsular contracture from the first surgery 11 yrs ago. I have 430cc Saline breast implants... READ MORE

Smaller Breast After Augmentation Revision

I just had my right breast fixed 2 weeks ago because it never dropped. So now, my doctor made a new pocket and tacked it up! I am wearing a band to... READ MORE

Unhappy With Breast Size, Is A Revision An Option For Me?

Hi, I had very small breast with 12.5 cm breast width and firm skin,Im 5'3" and 110lb, 24 years old. My surgeon decided to put 330 silicon... READ MORE

I Really Want to Achieve a Full 32D - How Many CCs Do I Need?

I'm 5'3" and have a fit body type/slim. I went from a 32A to a 32B/C by having 290cc/grams (silicone implants) 4-5 years ago.Currently... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision - What Size is Best?

I am 5ft 120lbs and I currently have 275 round smooth saline filled to 300cc's. I am considering a revison to get silicone but I would like my... READ MORE

Is Pocket Revision Always Necessary?

I'm 5'2 105lbs was 32C prior and recently had a BA. My surgeon chose to use 400cc(R) and 425cc(L). In 12wks (I am 3wks out), I would like to... READ MORE

Breast Implant Placement Revision and Size

If I had breast augmentation with 375cc and 350cc implants over the muscle and they are removed and placed under the muscle without changing the size,... READ MORE

Breasts are Nearly the Same Size as Pre-op - Is This a Mistake?

I had my op 6 wks ago and had many problems.I had 300cc high profile with a lift.When my stitches came out my scars opened on each breast, 1 healed to... READ MORE

Should Original Surgeon Carry Out Implant Revision?

I had a peri-areolar lift in September 2010 and not happy with the results. First the nipples are stretched too wide and are unattractive. There is... READ MORE

360cc Changing to 420cc - Can I Still Wear my D Bra?

Had 360's the left breast is somewhat flat and pointing down, Doc is fixing the problem, thinking of changing to 420's, can I still wear my D... READ MORE

What is the Opinion of Getting a 2nd Opinion to Do my Implant Replacement? (photos)

I found the perfect breast shape and size on this site, printed them out and gave them to my doctor. He never put them in my file. I have scheduled an... READ MORE

Would increase in breast size help Fix gap between breasts and bad rippling? (photos)

It has been 10yrs since I got my breast implants. I am considering re doing them to fix bad rippling on my right breast and hoping that with bigger... READ MORE

Unhappy with breast size. 5 years post-op. (photos)

Hello, I had a breast augmentation about 5 years ago. I have the silicone gel implant, under the muscle. 550cc. Prior to my surgery I was an A cup. I... READ MORE

Breasts are different sizes after breast augmentation and revision. (photos)

I exchanged saline implants in March '16 From 510cc (L) 540cc (R) to both 540cc due to deflation of the right. They were very uneven and I had lateral... READ MORE

What can be the cause of breast size and shape difference? (photos)

I had reop 4 months ago i had picket repair and implants exchanged from motiva 440cc corse to 510cc corse and again the probelm still remains im due... READ MORE

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