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Breastfeeding with a Leaking Saline Implant - Replace with Silicone?

I am currently breastfeeding my 4 month old baby. I had saline implants placed under the muscle almost 7 years ago. One implant is deflated due to a... READ MORE

I Currently Have 500cc Implants Possibly Bottoming Out- Steps and Cost To Revise Again? (photo)

I originally had augmentation in 2005 with saline 275cc implants taking me from an A cup to a B cup. I had a revision in 2008 with 500cc silicone... READ MORE

Is 535cc to 590cc UHP Mentor Right for Me? (photo)

My PS recommends 535cc to 590cc UHP with a full lift under muscle. I've lost 55 pounds breast fed 3 kids and have lost a lot of volume in upper breast... READ MORE

Can a leaking saline breast implant harm a nursing baby?

I had saline implants placed in 1999. In 2002, I had a baby and was successful with nursing. I am now 36 weeks pregnant and I keep feeling a funny... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision Post-breastfeeding - Can I Go with Larger Implants Alone?

I have small saline implants (180cc, over.) After 2 pregnancies + breastfeeding, they have dropped and I have rippling. I may want to breastfeed again... READ MORE

Will Having my Implants Replaced Bring Back the Look I Had Before my Baby? (photo)

I had BA surgery 5 years ago with saline implants. I loved the firm round look. Since breast feeding my baby 3 years ago they are softer and not the... READ MORE

Feels Like my Right Breast Bottoming out After Revision Surgery - What to Do? (photo)

Hi my breast a. was 08/2010- I got 450 cc mentor round high profile underm. trough armpits,went from A to D-DD. Im 5'6" 130.2 months later... READ MORE

Will 450cc- 475cc textured round high profile silicone under the muscle help me to achieve the look I want? (photos)

Currently 350cc high profile smooth round silicone under muscle. Surgery 4 years ago. 5 ft 5 126 pounds. Rib cage 28 in Base 13 cm & 13.4 cm. 40 yrs... READ MORE

Purposely Deflating Implants when Pregnant

I need a breast implant redo for bottoming out and to go smaller. I'm now 12 weeks pregnant. I heard I can get them deflated with a needle and... READ MORE

Switch to Silicone but Stay Subglandular?

I'm no longer happy with how my saline implants look. I've had a baby since my BA in 2006, and breastfed so they are no longer looking good.... READ MORE

What Are My Options For Implant Revision After Breast Feeding?

I had breast augmentation 14 years ago with small (~100cc) saline implants under the muscle. Since then, I have nursed two children for a year each. I... READ MORE

Can I Go from Implants Size D or DD to Small C?

I currently have breast implants size D- or DD looks like. I am wanting to change them for Size Small C. My questions are: 1- Will I need to have two... READ MORE

Move Away

Hi! I am 31 5' 113 no kids. I had a saline boob job under the muscle in 98. I feel like they are moving apart from one another? They say you... READ MORE

Is It Likely That I'll Need Revision Breast Surgery After Nursing?

I had a breast augmentation after nursing my son for 22 months. Breastfeeding that long left my breasts very deflated and with very little tissue... READ MORE

Internal Stitches with a Re Augmentation?

I had a re aug today after 12 years from a 260cc to 560cc. In that time I have breast fed two children. Whilst I was still groggy from the op my... READ MORE

What to Do About My Breasts With Implants After Breast Feeding? (photo)

Im 22, 5'7'' 140 pnds. I b/f for over 2 yrs leaving my breast elastic. I previously had implants size 450cc saline and am not happy with the way they... READ MORE

What Procedure is Right for Me if I Want to Breastfeed Again?

I am a 30 yr old mother of 2 with saline overs (about 180cc.) Following pregnancy and breastfeeding, my implants are quite saggy and I have... READ MORE

How many cup sizes will I go from 330cc's to 500, do you think it will fill in skin that was stretched out based on pic? (photo)

I currently have 330cc's saline implants and after having 5 kids and breastfeeding I have a lot of extra skin. I'm 5'8 160 pounds. Most doctors say I... READ MORE

Deflation of saline implants while breastfeeding, with intent to explant after weaning. How long can they be left in?

Have 8 y/o saline implants under muscle.Since successfully nursed 1st child up to 20 months,currently nursing 2nd child at 11 months.I'm 1 cup size... READ MORE

Bottoming out/Double Bubble Revision unsuccessful? What to expect in the future?

1st surgery for augmentation March 2013. 1st double bubble revision October 17th 2013. Revision completed on both breasts. 2 days post-op, The double... READ MORE

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