Bra + Breast Implant Revision

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After Exchange Surgery Do You Have to Wear a Bra?

I had S/P BM with alloderm. I know that after the exchange surgery I will have to wear a bra for several months. I'm wondering about long term. I... READ MORE

Symmastia Repair, Sports Bra Suggestions or Should I Wear a Thong Bra? (photo)

I had symmastia repair in Jan '12 to replace 15-year old 425 mods. I changed to 550 mod+ implants filled to 625; however, they were really hard due to... READ MORE

Underwire Bra After Bottomed out Implant Revision?

I have heard of using underwire bra after a bottomed out implant revision to help support the crease while scar tissues are forming. However, I have... READ MORE

Pocket Revision/internal Bra Drop and Fluff?

Do you still drop and fluff like the first time with a bilateral capsulorrhaphy? I had several sutures put in and initially was 420cc mod, I am now... READ MORE

Gummy Bear Implants From 350CC to 354CC: Should I See a Difference?

Four months ago had Gummy Bear implants and lollipop lift after removal of original silicone implants from 2001. Original size was 350cc's and... READ MORE

Nipple Covers/Sport Bras After Capsulectomy?

I will be getting a Capsulectomy done on one breast this summer. I believe a Grade 3 Contracture is the rating. I will have to fly to another state... READ MORE

360cc Changing to 420cc - Can I Still Wear my D Bra?

Had 360's the left breast is somewhat flat and pointing down, Doc is fixing the problem, thinking of changing to 420's, can I still wear my D... READ MORE

Why do some patients have to wear a compression strap above the breasts? Braless timeframe?

Why do some patients have to wear a compression strap above the breasts? How long after surgery can someone usually go braless? READ MORE

What Bra Type Would Be Best for Me?

I am having Breast Implant Revision Surgery in about a month due to my implants dropping to low. My ps says I need to wear a non underwire bra but... READ MORE

9 Days exchange implants op right side still swollen, not dropping what size bra should I be wearing? Should I massage? (photo)

Exchange the Silicone to HP 450cc right side already swollen after the Op same night,i been given to wear a sport Bra 70D, it is way too tight my skin... READ MORE

17 days post op, I have great pain caused by the compression bra. Could my compression bra be too tight?

17days ago I had removed 330cc of 15 yrs implants replace with 445cc all is great apart from the pain caused by the compression bra I am to wear:-( I... READ MORE

Does the bra or garment you wear after surgery effect the shape of your breasts? (Photo)

Every dr has different instructions on what to wear after surgery, and I want to know if that ultimately affects the shape of your breasts. My first... READ MORE

Maintaining large implants (400cc to 800cc). Can this revision last me a good 15+ years with good support bras?

I am getting a revision from 400 ccs to 800 by a board certified doctor. 800 ccs was his recommendation at consult. It seems like only a few doctors... READ MORE

Is There a Different Bra That Can Be Used for Symmastia Repair?

I've about to have my 4th surgery - 2nd for symmastia. I HATE the thongbra. I call it the devilbra because it comes up to my neck and makes me feel... READ MORE

8 months post op, I have pain after wearing underwire bra. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm just over 8 months post op. I had revision from 340cc overs to 500cc unders. When i wear any undwire bra, i get an uncomfortable pain and... READ MORE

Best bra to wear post op after a capsulectomy? (Photo)

I had a revision on 5/7/15. I went from a 330 to MP, silicone 475 cc, I had a capsulectomy on my right breast as well as a bilateral periareolar... READ MORE

I had my 16 years old saline implants replaced for silicone. When can I start wearing under wire bras?

I had my 16 years old saline implants replaced for silicone. Recovery was much faster this time and hardly any pain. When can I start wearing under... READ MORE

I really want a higher profile because they literally feel so uncomfortable without support. What procedure is best for this?

I have a 450CC saline implant, my natural breast also grew after. I heard you can have the Implant sown into the muscle? I feel like their weight will... READ MORE

Is there a small procedure to fix(lift) my left implant to match the right? (photos)

Hi, I am about 2.5 months post op. Since the early weeks I've noticed my left implant sits slightly lower than my right, giving it more lower pole... READ MORE

5 Years post-op. Will wearing a band or supportive bra for 3 months straight 24/7 help correct the enlarged pocket?

I had breast augmentation (370 cc's) and a breast lift on my left breast in 2009. I am now concerned that my left breast pocket is too large. I am... READ MORE

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