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Massive, out of Shape Breasts from Bigger Implants

I'm 5'2" and had breast implants. I asked for 600cc and they put 750cc. I am not happy, as my breasts are massive and out of shape. It... READ MORE

Is My Revision for Bottoming Out Also a "Botched Job"? (photo)

I had an augmentation 9 months ago. The left bottomed out. Not much, but enough. I'd lost faith in my original surgeon so I hired another to do... READ MORE

What needs to happen in order for my breasts to be fixed and even looking? I was botched! Please help me! (Photo)

I had a breast aug & now my breasts are lopsided. I noticed after I woke up from surgery that my right breast was placed lower than my left & the... READ MORE

Follow up: What can I do about a botched surgery , where my breast look worse than before I had it? (photo)

I paid for a breast lift & implants Dr. Horndeski said I would be a D cup, I am still a C also my breast have very bad puckering where his scareless... READ MORE

Breast revision. Am I botched or is this normal? (photos0

4yrs ago I got a breast augmentation. I was 27 yrs old, 5'2 and 115lbs. My surgeon put in high profile, 450cc gel silicone. I just felt they were way... READ MORE

6 months post op, why is breast shaped poorly? What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hello this is my results after waiting 6 months after have implants removed & replaced & breast lift lollipop VERY DISAPPOINTED see my areole it's... READ MORE

Botched revision, lopsided, uneven and placed too high with 6cm projection (teardrop 370mx). I hate them - what do I do? (Photo)

I had revision on my breast implants which dr said he would lower my pockets as they were placed a tad high and he would choose an implant 1cm shorter... READ MORE

I had a bad botched breast augmentation with saline implants and a lift 3 years ago. Both breasts are not symmetrical (Photo)

I am a 36DDD I think he put a mentor implant 525. I went form a saggy 36B to a horrible 36DDD not sure of they are under or over but what do know is... READ MORE

I deserve to have what was violently taken from me. I was married to a police officer who became violently abusive (Photo)

I was thrown hard enough to give me a concussion and ruptured silicone implant. I decided to leave and he found out. He handcuffed me. A neighbor... READ MORE

Nine months after revision breast surgery and they look like I was botched. He was by far the most expensive. HELP!

I had breast revision surgery in December of 2014. I told my physician about all my concerns but he insisted that my breasts would look fabulous... READ MORE

What can I do to repair my botched breast lift with implant? (photos)

I got breast lift and implant in July 2016, but it seems as if it was a botch job. My implant in the right breast seems to not have the roundness and... READ MORE

Can someone help me I need my breast fix bad - I've been botched. (photos)

I got my breast done two years ago went to Miami mess my breast that came back to New Jersey got them done in New Jersey now I'm not happy skin is... READ MORE

Was my periareolar mastopexy botched? Is a revision possible? (Photo)

I am 5'9 190 lbs. I had a revision due to right saline implant rupture. I chose Natrelle 600 cc silicone implants that were placed under the muscle.... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a mastoplexy revision 5 months after a botched lift and implant and 3 months after explant? (photos)

Hi there experts..I went to see a specialist surgeon who mainly does breast revisions...he reckons I need a full mastoplexy again but I am scared my... READ MORE

What can I do with a botched breast augmentation?

My breasts finally healed after 3 months, with multiple complications post op. It has been a full 4 months since my operation date. I am now left with... READ MORE

Botched? BA 1 1/2 years ago. Mentor HP 275cc under muscle. 1st revision 7 month later. 2nd revision 4 weeks ago. Uneven (Photo)

With my 2nd revision my ps reduced the size of the implant pocket on the LEFT side. Still bad result. 2nd revision with head physician. RIGHT side... READ MORE

I had a botched breast augmentation. I need help getting them even. I just wanted someone very experienced to fix them. (Photo)

My surgeon did major surgeries the dr that did my first 6 surgeries completely botched them every time I let him try to fix them he made them worse... READ MORE

Are my boobs gonna stay so different, feel like I have been botched: 620cc implants and uplift. (photos)

In march I had my implants made bigger from a 440 to a 620cc and also a uplift, at week 3 everything still looked beautiful, at week 4 I started keep... READ MORE

Can I get a revision - What do you recommend. Implant dropped and bad scarring. (photos)

Hello I had a breast uplift with implants Jan 2016 it was not done well had a revision in oct and it still not done well the implant have drop with... READ MORE

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