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Breast Implant Revision. Blood Clot From Drains Left Sagging Skin?

Had 800 CC Salines Removed Went with 375cc Gels Had Blood Clot Left Breast from Drain Have Sagging Skin Will This Shrink? Left breast has bubbly skin... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post of After Breast Lift and Replacement of Implants is This Normal?

>2 weeks after surgery I landed up having a drainage tube placed in my left breast due to a blood clot forcing through my incision and constantly... READ MORE

Post breast implant replacement surgery and hematoma surgery. Can remaining blood clots travel to the lungs and heart? (Photo)

AFter Two surgeries , im still getting new bruises. The bruises feel like blood clots, can they travel through the body and do harm. Should i request... READ MORE

I have new (replacement) implants and they seem misshapen.

I have no photos; however, the implants are not round like my original ones, but rather like two large eggs (oval). One has what feels like a bubble,... READ MORE

Do you know what this is? Could it be blood clots? (Photo)

I'm 49 and just had a breast revision and I'm in my second week of recovery. It's painful to lift my arm and I'm starting to get these red blotches. READ MORE

Flying after lipo - I had ba revision and lipo to my abdomen yesterday.

I am scheduled to fly in 5 days on a 5 hour flight. Will I be ok by then to fly because right now I'm not feeling ok. I told my doctor about the... READ MORE

Trt revision surgery 3 months after implant placement am I at risk for cc with this? Both areas in pic ooze black (photos)

My surgeon said let it heal like this, we will revise again, i am not doubting him this just sucks, i know its not his fault, this surg was to revise... READ MORE

does anyone know what could be happening to me? Burning and pain

I had mentor 600 cc silicone breast implants placed three weeks ago after removal of 400 cc saline They are above the muscle just as my saline... READ MORE

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