Bleeding + Breast Implant Revision

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What if Breast Hematoma Goes Untreated?

I am 6 weeks post op. i have a diagnosed hematoma under 1 breast that caused capsular contracture. Had lot of bleeding on one side post op, then... READ MORE

Bleeding through my stitches?

I had an implant replacement 3 weeks ago. DR. performed. capsulectomy on rgt.breast because it was ruptured. 2 weeks after surgery he re-opened... READ MORE

I've Had One Breast Revision, but They Look Terrible. What Do I Do? (photo)

I got a revision because my first lift was a circumolear lift w/ implants. After waiting a year and a half, I went back in for a revision to remove... READ MORE

Large hole in BA suture implant showing for 3 weeks now. What can I do? (Photo)

I had surgery dec 2, right side was normal after left super high. After about a month it dropped and my suture began to open causing a lot of bleeding... READ MORE

How much bleeding is normal after capsulectomy and implant exchange?

I had grade 4 bilateral CC beginning VERY early on at my initial BA. I am very swollen and bruised and have bilateral drains which are filling up... READ MORE

If I got a mesh put in my breast can I work out after the allotted rest period ?

I'm considering getting a mesh put in when I so my breast revision . I know their is a period of time that no activity is allowed to prevent bleeding... READ MORE

Re-augmentation with capsulectomy and anchor breast lift? (photos)

This is my 3rd augmentation and second capsulectomy but first anchor lift I spoke to my PS and he said this is normal where the vertical and... READ MORE

Primary PS failed to diagnose a hematoma and active bleed. Who is liable for what? (Photo)

Replacement of implants along with R capsulectomy. 9 days later,R breast turned black/purple and swollen, painful.PS said it was a small hematoma and... READ MORE

Post Op Breast Augmentation Revision - Surgeon said its just bleeding that lead to bruising, and to wait it out? (photos)

I posted a similar question but since went and saw my Surgeon who said that I had some bleeding which caused a pretty bad bruise. My concern, though... READ MORE

I'm still bleeding 2 weeks after breast implant revision. Is this normal?

I just had a breast reaugmentation and lift. Only the right breast had a new implant, it deflated from a capsule .... Now my left is tight to my body... READ MORE

7 days post lift with 405cc silicone implants under muscle to replace saline implants over muscle. Is my nipple healing? (Photo)

Yesterday I noticed that my right nipple split a little and bleed, put some AD ointment it closed and dried. Today I put some neosporin and after... READ MORE

Right breast started bleeding today after breast implant removal/replacement and lift. Is this a problem? (Photo)

I had breast implant removal/replacement and a lift - the surgery was March 29th. I started bleeding today (April 7) from the vertical incision area... READ MORE

Why would I be bleeding? Am I still bleeding?

11 mont post op augmention. In 10 days I went from sore to L breast expanding 3 times in size. Bc Ps sent me to have asperation & drained a little... READ MORE

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