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Breast Implant Revision Issues. What Can I do? (photo)

I seem to be having an issue with my breast implants and I wanted to ask you your opinion on what I should do for a third surgery! Here are two... READ MORE

6wks ago bilateral displacement of L implant & scalloping of overfilled R implants. HP, gel, now need another revison. (Photo)

Revision 6 wks ago for bilateral dis L implant I had 550 saline filled 625cc and R implant 550 filled to 675cc. I downsized w/silicone gel hp implants... READ MORE

What is your opinion on my bilateral total capsulectomy with implant exchange and lollipop breast lift surgery? (photo)

I would like to get a second opinion on the size of my areolars, as they appear to me to be different sizes. I would also like to have an opinion of... READ MORE

3 weeks post op. Capsular contracture? (photos)

Hi. I'm 3 weeks post op from a bilateral breast implant exchange and internal stitches put in to keep the breast safe medial (they bottomed out and... READ MORE

Breasts Seem Too Small After 2 Surgeries to Fix my Very Severe Tubular Breasts?

I am 5 days post breast surgery. I had bilateral removal of becker breast expanders, capsulectomy and mastopexy and insertion of 4oocc and 440 cc... READ MORE

Breast revision done!Now what can I do to keep the results? Do's and don'ts?Bra suggestions?What about sleeping/training?(photo)

I just went under surgery for a bilateral capsulorrhaphy and muscle release. My breasts looks fabulous! Now, what can I do to keep my breasts as good... READ MORE

Best subpectoral bilateral silicone implant revision option four months post op?

Nipples point downward and implants have never softened and feel stuck to my chest. Breasts ache. Using generic Singulair for 2 mo. Dr. thinks CC has... READ MORE

Replacement of Bilateral Implants in Both Breasts?

I had this [procedure done three weeks ago but I have a terrible burning sensation. What could be the cause of this? READ MORE

How much should a bilateral capsulectomy cost? (Photo)

My dr said this should take 1/2 an hour and wants to charge me $950. Should I see if another dr would do it for less or is this normal? The reason is... READ MORE

Is waiting 6 week between implant exchange & bilateral breast lift completely necessary or are there other options avail?(photo)

I currently have sub-glandular implants done in 1998. I'm 43 & I'm going in for a tummy tuck I figured I would just get them updated now while I'm... READ MORE

Can/Should asymmetry be fixed? (photos)

I have bilateral 700cc mod plus round implants, 3 yrs post op, no capsular contracture. The left side is noticeably fuller and lower to me. I would... READ MORE

Am I bilateral bottoming out? Asymmetry? Both? Lateral displacement? (Photos)

Iam almost 5 months post op, i have 600cc under the muscle on both breast, i belive something is wrong with my breast they dont look just right, my... READ MORE

Surgical consent different from what the MD and I verbally discussed. Should I ask to sign another consent the day of?

I have surgery next week. My surgeon explained that he would be performing a capsulectomy with alloderm and implant exchange on bilateral breasts.... READ MORE

In your practice how do you go about correcting your bad judgement? How soon can I get this corrected? (photos)

I'm 6 weeks PO & from day one I noticed one breast larger than the other. I had a Benelli lift, 475cc Smooth, HP, Silicone under muscle bilat.... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture for the Second Time. Any suggestions?

Hello. I had a bilateral breast augmentation in 2001 w/round silicone implants over the muscle (340cc), and I developed capsular contracture in 2008.... READ MORE

Unhappy with bilateral breast lift and bilateral implant exchange, and after revision. (Photo)

Could any one help me with my breast. i had a implant exchange and a uplift a year ago (overs) smaller implant than the one i had removed and had... READ MORE

Post RB capsulectomy and bilateral mastopexy, will puckering under nipple and cone shape go away with time? (photos)

BA in 2012, silicon nurtrelle style 20, 450cc LB, 500cc RB. Contraction began in 1st yr, progressively tightened & never dropped into fold. Just... READ MORE

Recurrent Bilateral Capsular Contracture. Would that increase my chances of success?

I've had 3 breast surgeries, each time with brand new smooth silicone implants under the muscle. First was full lift with augmentation, and subsequent... READ MORE

Implant rupture plus extrusion, 1 month post revision with bilateral exchange for exposure on opposite breast?!

In 2001 breast augmentation, saline, then breast implant exchange 12/2016  placed silicone implants that were not available in US. Developed left... READ MORE

What is likelihood of capsular contracture? 2 months post-op breast implant revision. (photo)

Hi. My left breast had completely deflated after 17 yr old saline implants before I got silicone 8 weeks ago. My left breast feels firmer while... READ MORE

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