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Do the Benelli Lift and 300 Cc Silicone Moderated Profile Implants Work for Me? (photo)

I´m 38 year old, 5'5'' tall, and weight 123 pounds, breast size 36B. I already have 230cc silicone subglandular implants and a crescent lift on my ... READ MORE

Indentation, Will It Get Worse or Better? (photo)

Hi I had a second breast augmentation with a benelli lift revision 3 weeks ago, after 4 days the implants were removed through the crease. Although I... READ MORE

Do I Need Revision Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift? (photo)

I had breast augmentation along with beneli lift 16 weeks ago, I do not like how my breast sit low and I have no upper pole fullness or cleavage. I... READ MORE

Belleni Breast Augmentation Bumps Under Nipple? (photo)

I am 3 weeks post op. when I do a downward massage I see two bumps under my nipple below my incision. Is this normal will they go away. What can I do... READ MORE

Will the Benelli Be Enough for Me - or is the Anchor Better? (photo)

I already have sub muscular implants (around 260-300cc silicone) and I have to have them removed since I have the French PIP implants- I have seen two... READ MORE

Weird Spot Benelli Lift and Replacement (photo)

I had a benelii lift done after replacing my implants from saline to cohesive gel on 6/1/2012 I know it takes time .i never had scars with 1st they... READ MORE

Is 800cc high profile good? 5'5", 115-120lbs, broad shoulders, 2 BAs with 2 benelli lifts. 5.5 mos post op 2nd BA (Photo)

Is going for 800cc hp a good decision? I currently have 500cc mod + silicone Mentor and regret not going the largest I could have bec I feel mine are... READ MORE

650cc Implants and Benelli Lift 9 Years Ago - Revision Suggestions?

I had 650cc gel implants and a Bennelli lift done 9 years ago. I am interested in having the overall size reduced and to lift and reshape my breasts.... READ MORE

How much more does breast lift revision implants cost than just original breast lift & aug?

If I change docs, and downsize implants in order to convert lift with minimal tension (convert benelli lift to vertical or anchor lift), how much... READ MORE

Revision - Switch from Mod to HP, Get Benelli Lift or switch to Over the muscle for desired look? (photos)

Natural 32DD before nursing with a lot of natural upperpole fullness. I wanted that back but my shape is all wrong Implants are lower than my natural... READ MORE

How long should it take to do a breast revision? My operation only took 46 minutes. Any chance the surgery was rushed?

When I read my operative notes it only took the doctor 46 minutes from the first cut to the last stitch to switch saline to silicone, Benelli lift on... READ MORE

What are the ramifications of downsizing implants? What about revising lift?

If I downsize implants - what are issues? Lets say 100cc to take tension off benelli lift & convert to formal lift (want nipples resized & scars... READ MORE

Vertical scar disappear?

Docs talk about possibility of vertical scars disappearing. I received a benelli (ps suggested), scars & aerolas widened. Like a revision w/ best poss... READ MORE

Post benelli lift with 550 implants. Now large areola, ptosis, scarring, and out of place implants. (photos)

What can I do to fix things? I'm hoping to smaller breast or anything? Cost is of it is not an issue but if you could give me a ball park figure that... READ MORE

Candidate for Periareolar lift? Difference between Benelli and Periareolar lift?

***PLEASE VIEW MY PROFILE FOR PICTURES*** I don't want the vertical scarring that comes from a full breast lift. What type of lift do you think I... READ MORE

What happened? What can be done to fix my breasts, they look so off! Can they be fixed after a previous benelli? (Photo)

6 months ago I had a 3rd revision. I had a benelli lift, with a capsulectomy of my left breast and implant exchange from 700 cc high profile silicone... READ MORE

How do you avoid nipple placement being too high?

I had implants & a Benelli lift but now hate the widened scars and permanent suture. I wish to undergo a revision at some point but worry that my... READ MORE

How do I look 8 days after capsulotomy on the left breast? I had revision on both 660cc saline & benelli lift. Age 40 (Photo)

Left is still sore n feels more swollen then rt. Both feel soft. Bruising initially on rt and center of chest, mostly healed. Occasionally sharp pains... READ MORE

Breast Revision price ? How much should I be charged?

I had implants put in 8 months ago with benelli. I paid 3,000 extra alone for that type of lift. My breast are way to big, not lifted enough and... READ MORE

Breast implant revision to go smaller. Will a full lift be needed? 32dd, 5'3", 110 lbs. (photos)

What will I have to do for smaller breasts? I'm currently a 32dd and would love to be a very natural-looking b/c. Do I need a full lift or would a... READ MORE

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