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Implant Reduction Surgery - Benefits, Risks, Expectations?

In October 2007 I got Mentor Gel implants. I am a full D cup and wish I was a full B/small C cup. I am 5'7", 132 lbs. slightly... READ MORE

Unsatisfactory Augmentation Results? (photo)

I've always had wierd cone shapped & puffy areola. I thought the best way to fix mild tuberous breast was circumferencial bellini lift, areolar... READ MORE

Under or Above Muscle for Reconstruction following Failed Horndeski Method Lift? (photos)

10 months post explant with "Horndeski" Method Breast Lift, 10 weeks post Revision - and I need a redo for sure. Hideous scars, ZERO upper pole... READ MORE

Would bigger implants benefit me and make my breasts more evenly full? (photos)

I have 375 and 400 naturelle implants from 2012. My chest looks good in a bra but is droppy on the part below my nipples and full above. They shift in... READ MORE

I went with 410cc/moderate profile. Would a high profile implant be a better fit? (photos)

I am considering downsizing, as I feel very top heavy. My breast are naturally spaced far apart and after getting implants, it looks like they sit in... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a revision? (Photos)

I got a breast lift in oct. last year I feel like my one breast hangs super low and the other is "perky" How long do you recommend waiting to either... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision: Switch Implant Profile without a Lift? (photos)

I got 335cc FF ALLERGAN under the muscle, with a 4.8cm proyection. I can not say that my result is bad. I love the shape, but I want to go to a... READ MORE

Are my boobs lifted? Would I benefit from another lift to get upper pole fullness? Are they already droopy? (photos)

Just got a 2nd lift with bigger implants 260cc unders to 455 cc hp unders....I only went bigger to get the upper pole fullness. It's been 6 weeks... READ MORE

What results will an additional 175cc of Saline Implants give?

I currently have 300cc Saline High Profile implants and was 34A bra size, 110lbs before surgery and am currently a full B/small C. I have a redo... READ MORE

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