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Post Op I Am A B Cup Instead Of C Cup, Am I Eligible For A Re-Op?

I asked to be a full 32c - using the anatomical implants for a natural shape. I had 245cc in moderate profile put in. I now measure 32b. I used to... READ MORE

Would Like a More Rounded, Lifted Look, What Would You Suggest? (photo)

Have 225 L and 250 R Silicone Mentor Siltex Moderate Profile Now Above the Muscle.  I am 5'7", 10.7 stone, slim build. Would a larger HP implant... READ MORE

Rice Test For Implant Revision to Go Larger?

I already have breast implants (200cc). I went from a saggy B to a C (with a large lift) I want to get bigger implants. how do I go about trying on... READ MORE

I have extreme Muscle Flex deformity from sub pectoral Mentor cohesive gel implants. I don't want to sacrifice strength by cutti

I had the surgery a year ago.Whenever I engage my pecs the implants shift laterally under my armpits. It's very disturbing. I am a personal trainer by... READ MORE

BA Revision With Larger Implants, How Will I Know I'm Choosing The Right Amount of Cc's?

I am 5'6", 218lbs and was originally a 38A (only because could not find 40A bras) before my BA. I had saline implanted and overfilled to... READ MORE

Had 325cc Saline Under Muscle 6months Ago,was B Now Barely C. Have Little to No Cleavage. Should I Redo?

Wanted to be a good size C or barely D. But my dr seems a little conservative. Thinking about finding a new PS & getting 400-450cc. Is this a bad... READ MORE

Full "C" with 460cc and want to go to Full "B" - Implant Size?

I currently have 15 year old Implants of 460cc that make me a Full "C" and would like to go down to a Full "B", what size should I... READ MORE

How Can I Pick aN Implant Size? Surgeon Wants Me to Choose.

I have 400ccs with diam.of 13.1 and proj of 4.0 now. I was a small B and now am way too big for my athletic lifestyle. I would like to go saline. My... READ MORE

What size to get? Height: 5'9" Weight: 138 pounds Size before BA: 36A Current: 36B Desired: full 36C/D (photos)

In August 2014 I had my first BA. 250R and 275L implants.I am very disappointed as they are too small Getting revision surgery in June 2015 but am... READ MORE

Will my Body Never Be Able to Support Implants? Went from a Small 36B to Average 36C. 5'4", 134.

I had BA (sub-pec, 375cc R, 350cc L) and a lift on the left in January. I had a revision in May on both of them due to bottoming out, double bubble... READ MORE

Should I get a revision? (photo)

I recently had breast augmentation and got 375cc round implants places under the muscle. This resulted in an apparent 10DD/E though I only look about... READ MORE

Breast implant recommendation?

I am considering a revision breast augmentation. My height is just under 5'2 and a weight 118lb's. My rib cage measurement is 12, and I have a short... READ MORE

Very nervous and stressed out. I need to know how many CC more I need for a cup C. (photos)

45 Yrs old-141 lbs-5.3. I have 270 cc Saline implants for 16 years. Now is less then 34 B. I need to know how many more CC I need for a 34C? I still... READ MORE

Will I need a BA revision? (photo)

I'm just over 2 months out of surgery. I went from a B to D cup, 325cc Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline implants filled to R400cc/L375cc under the... READ MORE

Implants too small - is there anything I can do?

I went for a 520tsf gummy bears from a 34B I am now a 34C/D. When discussing with my surgeon I told him I wanted big boobs he originally suggested... READ MORE

Re-sizing query please?

I had breast augmentation 6 months ago and went up from a B cup to a full C cup with 220 cc moderate silicone. I now wish to re-size and go up to a DD... READ MORE

5'1, 120lbs petite, will 400cc HP be too big/top heavy for me?

I am 5'1, 120lbs, 1 child, did not breast feed, i was a 34B prior my 1st BA, I got 260cc HP implants which in the end brought me to a C cup. if I get... READ MORE

My partner had her implants redone in 5/13. Het mammo just came back showing an asymmetrical mass. Could it be from the implant?

In 5/13 my partners implant ruptured, and the following month she had them replaced under the muscle like the previous ones were and she went from a B... READ MORE

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