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60 Years Old, Wanting to Replace 23 Year Old Breast Implants, Options? (photo)

23 years ago had McGhan implants. Size B & saggy. Had 320cc implanted. Contracture grade 3 & 4. Weighed 120 now weigh 145. Breasts went from C... READ MORE

Do the Benelli Lift and 300 Cc Silicone Moderated Profile Implants Work for Me? (photo)

I´m 38 year old, 5'5'' tall, and weight 123 pounds, breast size 36B. I already have 230cc silicone subglandular implants and a crescent lift on my ... READ MORE

So Unhappy with my Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had my first BA 2 yrs ago. AA w/ very little breast tissue, 5'5, 115. I didn't want to look big and got 200cc's saline. I didn't realize how small... READ MORE

Currently a 36B, is 550cc to 600cc Too Big For My Frame? (photo)

I Am 5"7 160lbs Im Currently a 36B my Plastic Surgeon is Recommending 550cc to 600cc, Is this too big? would you be able to tell me an estimate on... READ MORE

Im Downsizing! What Size Implants Should I Get? (photo)

So, I started off w/ a small B cup. I got 240cc silicone unders and now I am a very unhappy large C/D cup, pls see my profile. my nipples got bigger... READ MORE

Should I Have Implants Replaced or Removed Entirely?

I had 400cc implants ten years ago and a lift. i was a 34b and went to a 34dd. Now I want to have the implants removed and go back to a B cup. Will i... READ MORE

Revision - From 335c/365cc to 450cc/500cc?

Hello doctors .., i want to ask you about breast augmentation .., i recently had breast implants 335cc on my left breast 365cc on my right breast i... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision for Uneven Breasts. Desire More Symmetrical Result and Larger Implants.? (photo)

400-475cc HP Silicone? I was a 32 B prior to surgery. I have 275cc moderate plus saline unders in each breast from a 2009 surgery. My PS and I decided... READ MORE

Revision from 300 Ccs Mod + to 400 Ccd Hp? (photo)

I have 300 cc mod+ silicone implants under the muscle. I was hoping for a very full C/D, but I only made it to the mid C range. I was a 34 B pre BA... READ MORE

Are Breast Implants Still a Viable Option After Loose Silicone Injections? (photo)

I've had loose silicone injections in my breasts, 80cc's in each. I'm a b cup at the moment but am not satisfied with my size. I haven't had any... READ MORE

Implants removed as a result of exposure, will be replaced in 6 weeks but what should I do differently this time around? (photo)

Previously a small B cup, I chose Natrelle high profile 550cc saline implants, behind the muscle, inserted under breast crease, for a big, fake look.... READ MORE

Can the space between your breasts be decreased with larger implants giving me more cleavage? (photos)

I currently have 300cc saline implants placed under the muscle. I want to have revision surgery and switch to silicone implants. Prior to my first... READ MORE

Implants Not Right Size, Was Hoping to be B Cup but am a D Cup, What Should I do?

I had repeatedly told the dr I wanted to be a small 34B and did not want others to assume I had breast augmentation via armpit.I wanted the Dr.'s... READ MORE

I Used to Have 225 Mentor Replaced with 421cc Allergen, What Size Will I Be?

I had my BA 3 days ago, still very sore, haf them replaced due to rupture:( My first PS said he would only put a 225 mentor,The smallest implant , im... READ MORE

Had 325cc Saline Under Muscle 6months Ago,was B Now Barely C. Have Little to No Cleavage. Should I Redo?

Wanted to be a good size C or barely D. But my dr seems a little conservative. Thinking about finding a new PS & getting 400-450cc. Is this a bad... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Implant Replacement

Hello. Had implants removed (after 22 years) Felt it was overdue to change them. Had smaller implants put in, with a mastoplexy about two months ago.... READ MORE

I'm 5'2, 108lb 32B looking for upper pole fullness, would you suggest moderate plus profile or high profile silicone implants?

Moderate plus profile or high profile gel silicone implants? 275 to 300 cc ? will be subglandular or over the muscle.  am 5.2 H and 108 Points ,... READ MORE

I presently have 15 year old 275 smooth saline unders. Is it realistic to go to a 500 cc silicone smooth under? (photo)

I am 5' 0" 122 lb muscular 43 year old mother of three. I presently have 15 year old 275 smooth saline unders. I measure 12 1/2 and 13. I am getting... READ MORE

What silicone implant size is required to go from an A to a D in a woman who is 5'5", 32 bandwidth and 127 pounds.

I am 5'5", 32 bandwidth, 127 pounds. I was given 250cc moderate profile plus implants and told they would be my desired D cup. They are a B cup... READ MORE

Would appreciate advice on what size implants to go with on second surgery? (photos)

Original procedure was 11-5-14. I had 350cc saline implants, under the muscle. I am 35, 5'11, 210-215lbs. Going to try to be down to 195lbs by the... READ MORE

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