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Detrimental to Wait After 3 Months for Breast Pocket Revision?

I had a Breast Augmentation on 2/13/09. My right breast implant will not drop. I've been massaging 4 times daily, wearing the strap (was advised to... READ MORE

Redo my breast implants revision surgery?

Hi, I'm 32 years old have 5 kids. I had a breast aug done in may of 09 my right boob had not dropped so I had a revision on Jan 15 2010... READ MORE

Do I Need a BA Revision? Bottoming Out, Hypertrophic Scars, Muscular Distortion & Asymmetry. (photo)

I am 27, 116 lb, 5'7" & had BA surgery 15 mths ago. Got inframammary subpectoral 260cc silicone implants & went from small B to large... READ MORE

What to Do to Correct a Lot Rippling and Asymmetry in a Very Thin Woman? (photo)

I had a few previous surgeries (to remove capsule and to remove infectious tissue). I currently have textured silicone partially under the muscle (400... READ MORE

Differing Opinions on Breast Augmentation Revision

4 month post op. Plastic surgeon agrees that right breast needs to be fixed on bottom and left breast needs to fix on bottom. He said that he can... READ MORE

I Paid $9,300 for my Breast Lift, Do I Have to Pay for the Revision when It's the Surgeons Mistake? (photo)

I had a lift years ago and now had it redone 7 weeks ago. As you can see in the photo the right side is much smaller than the left. It was the... READ MORE

My Breasts Are Very Uneven After Revision. How Soon Can I Get Another Revision? (photo)

I am 7 weeks post op surgery and my breasts look nothing alike, since day one. I had a revision from 450cc to 700cc going from over the muscle to... READ MORE

Misaligned Nipples and Asymmetrical Breasts, 5 Month Post-op - What Can Be Done? (photo)

5m. post-op and my breasts are more asymmetrical than before the surgery: misaligned nipples and right implant is 2in. off-center and falls off under... READ MORE

What is This Crease/line Under my Left Breast From?

My initial breast aug was a little over 10 years ago. My left implant bottomed out & I went in for a revision of the left breast a year after I... READ MORE

Do They Look the Same Size? (photo)

I've had breast implants for many years and I presently have 600 cc high profile gels. I used to have saline and I remember my right breast having... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Redo, What Should I Do? (photo)

Hi, I´m 5´7, 120lb, had my ba 1 year ago (325cc sil hp) I have some asymmetry and I`m going to have that corrected soon. My options are 1)... READ MORE

Terrible Breast Surgery, Can Nipples Be Fixed? (photo)

Over 5 years ago a doctor cut around my nipples and did a lift, then put implants in. The breast right away started to look crazy, the nipples are two... READ MORE

Does my Surgeon Need to Fix my Uneven Breast

I have my breast implant a month ago,but the breast are uneven. Before I went in for surgery, my surgeon notice the different in my breast size, but... READ MORE

Am I Lopsided After Capsulectomy and Implant Exchange to Silicone or Just Swollen?

I just had capsule removed on both sides and implant exchange to 550cc hp silicone, and now my left looks so much bigger than the right. Or is just... READ MORE

Breast Fold Doesnt Look the Same! Looks Pinched After Revision for Bottoming Out? (photo)

I bottomed out of my implants and more on one side. I had the one side corrected and my breast looks worse then before. I had surgery two weeks ago... READ MORE

If 325cc Model of Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline is Overfilled to Aproximately 430 Cc is Will It Ripple??

Hi , i had breast augmentation 5 months ago. I shceduled surgery for may 24, in which i will get added like 30-40cc to my left implant and am having... READ MORE

Existing Saline Breast Implants - Would Like to Have a Lift/reduction/new Implants, Which Would Be Best For Me?

I have existing saline implants done in 1996 placed behind the pectoral muscle - Natural breast-size was 34C but wanted perkier breasts. But,... READ MORE

One Breast Larger After Lift/aug, Nipples Not Even, Inframammary Fold Lower on Rt Side - Revision Thoughts? (photo)

Replaced both saline 3/1/12 due to a rupture of the rt. implant. had a lift/redu done to my rt. breast as there was a size symmetry issue that i... READ MORE

6 months post op. I had enlargement 300cc Euro silicone overs, HP. Do I Need Revision Surgery? (photo)

6 months post op.Had enlargement 300cc Eurosilicone overs, HP. No uplift recommended. I feel my breasts are noticeably asymmetrical. I know that most... READ MORE

Revision Surgery for Larger Implants, Left Side Hangs Significantly Lower Than Right, Is this Permanent? (photo)

I had 420 cc McGhan inserted in 1998 - made me a 36DD. One had lost a lot of volume + I had 2 kids, gained 180 pds & lost 155 through gastric... READ MORE

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