Areola Incision + Breast Implant Revision

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Bruised Hard Lump Near Incision (Areola) 2 Weeks Post Surgery? (photo)

I had a breast implant revision 3 weeks ago. 8-9 days ago I had pain in right a twisting knot kind of pain. Lasted about 5-10 mins.... READ MORE

Can Areola Scarring Get Worse After Reincision To Fix Asymmetry?

Thank you for those who responded previously.I have decided to have a PS adjust the areola size on my right. The difference in size is too obvious for... READ MORE

Is This a Normal Appearance/shape of a Breast After a Lift? (photo)

8 months ago I had implants to even out my breast size. 3 days ago I had a revision of the left to fix the pocket, and a lift to the right to make my... READ MORE

Nipple Scar Has a Strange Fold. Will It Scar Badly? (photo)

Hi, I'm 14 days post revision for cc.The nipple tape was starting to peel so I removed it. On the left nipple, the skin was folded underneath and has... READ MORE

Is this scarring normal? Or did the surgeon suture the areolas incorrectly? (Photos)

I just got a revision breast augmentation 1/6/14 from my same doctor because I had gotten capsular contracture from my April 2013 surgery. The scars... READ MORE

Downsizing Saline Implants from Yr 2000? (photo)

At age 24 saline, 350cc, through the nipple. A cup prior Happy with them overall, no complications. I would like contour from the side view to be more... READ MORE

Is there an implant that can help with a more cone shaped breast after a full areola complete circular incision?

Hi , some time ago I had a BA with a lift and the incision was all around the areola only . This caused the areola to be flat looking when a natural... READ MORE

Can a breast augmentation placed behind the muscle (through the nipple) damage the Brachial Plexus?

I have a compressed C5-6 and some pain in the upper back and front of chest wall (right side) including numbness under my arm pit and tingling in my... READ MORE

Does saline implant need to be drained to switch to silicone before going smaller? Do new pockets have to be formed? (Photo)

I'm Asian, Petite and have little breast tissue. I have 325cc saline over muscle through nipples. I want smaller 275-300cc silicone under muscle thru... READ MORE

The total cost & trade-offs of mastopexy (Photo)

I understand the scar is the main one- no getting around it, and I don't think the circumareolar (?) will give the lift I need, so what does that... READ MORE

Currently a 430cc UHP implant, 12cm BWD, Can I increase to 700+ cc's without having inverted nipples?

430cc silicon UHP submuscular, areola incision. Interested in having them redone to increase ccs to 630-730 . I have a BWD of 12cm, and very centered... READ MORE

Can You Even Make Another Implant Pocket Through the Areole Incision During CC Revision?

Hi doctors, I'm 3 weeks post revision for capsular contracture and was told another implant pocket had been made, but my surgeon went through the... READ MORE

What are my options after having a capsular contraction twice on the left side? How likely am I to have another one?

I had breast augmentation done two years ago and had a capsular contraction on my left side. I had surgery under local anestia to release the capsule.... READ MORE

I Had a Revision and Just over 2 Months Post Op Did a Areola Revision and One Part of It is Open? (photo)

I have part open incision not sure if it will need to be resurgical sutured again. I had steri strips on it and they were removed but I put on... READ MORE

2 breast surgeries and now requiring a 3rd. What to do? (Photo)

I have Mentor smooth round, overs. First surgery Nov 2013. I had a capsulectomy in Oct 2014 rght brst. I choose to go through the nipple because I... READ MORE

10+ yr silicone imp left side ruptured. Can the breast be cleaned & replace silicone through the same areola incision or not?

How important is this to do quickly? I heard I may need a drain, true? My breast looks like a whole different shape. My nipple looks higher then the... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: My Dr is truly baffled as to why this is happening. Internal stitches poking inside implant?

Thank you for responses. Nothing traumatic, insertion through aereola everytime. Implants deflated at exactly 1 yr mark first time and it's been 1 yr... READ MORE

I'd like to have larger implants. Will another lift be necessary, or can I just replace the implants? (Photo)

Three years ago I had a breast enlargement & a lift, implants are under the muscle & the incision is around the nipples. I went from a B cup to a D... READ MORE

Would trying subfascial be worth a try ? When considering recurring capsule contracture? (Photo)

My size is 410 saline 3 surgeries 1 year. Last one was with capsulectomy in feb 2015. No plans to do anything for a while. Give my body a break . My... READ MORE

Implant exchange, do I do saline or silicone and do I go through the same areola incision? There is no scar at all visible.

I received saline breast implants 16yrs ago and have not had them replaced yet. As of now I am still happy although have had some weight gain and... READ MORE

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