Antibiotic + Breast Implant Revision

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How Long Will Antibiotic Take to Clear a Staph Infected Hematoma After Breast Augmentation?

Implants were replaced 3 wks ago. Deveolped a hematoma a week after surgery. They installed a drain. Days later I have a fever and the doctor removes... READ MORE

23rd surgery, 2nd day post op. Face mainly and arms hot & flushed. Anesthetic reaction? Antibiotics reaction? Hematoma again?:(?

I was discharged yesterday, after having capsulectomy on right breast and new implants to replace pips. My face is constantly hot and flushed,so are... READ MORE

Was Msra Infected Breast Implant Salvage Successful?

Update on Mrsa infected implant. 3 weeks after breast agumentation, My doctor took out the implant, soaked in antibiotics and implant was put back in.... READ MORE

I Just Had my Breast Implants Replaced Due to Capsular Contracture. During Surgery, my Surgeon Discovered a Severe Infection?

He decided during surgery to replace this implant under the muscle. So now I have one on top and one underneath the muscle. It's only been a week... READ MORE

I Have Had 6 Breast Implant Infections This Yr. Even 2 Following New Implant?

I have had 4 different antibiotics, even IV. they work for about 2 months and infection returns. what to do READ MORE

Am I Safe to Come off Antibiotics?

Had surgery to reposition a breast implant on March 1st. Wound separated twice since, stayed in hospital with drains and antibiotic treatment. Have... READ MORE

Dental Work Before Revision?

I am having a revision on my breast lift due to a CC after having fluid/blood that was undetected. My question is can I go get a filling replaced? Do... READ MORE

Breast implants after infection. What is the risk of having implants again?

I had breast implants replaced in Nov 13 in Thailand, I contracted soft tissue tb during the procedure and have to spend up to 2 years on antibiotics.... READ MORE

Is this cellulitis and if so what is usually done to fix this, I'm starting round 2 antibiotics?? (photos)

I am concerned I had a breast exchange because I had a very bad capsular contracture, the left breast is fine both were exchanged from saline to... READ MORE

Any suggestions for infected breast? (photos)

Hi, I had a breast lift & implant exchange on 10/1/15, on 10/17 I noticed that my right breast was red. The doctor prescribed Cipro antibiotic which I... READ MORE

I'm a healthy, 44yr old. Recently had my 3rd surgery, and have now, yet again popped open. Why does this keep happening? (Photo)

5 wks post op- my 2nd redo of my maxipexy/implant placement. I've healed better this time around but now, after the tape was removed, I've popped open... READ MORE

8 days post-op, breast augmentation revision. What does this look like? What course of action would you recommend? (Photo)

I had a Breast Augmentation revision to increase the pocket for both breasts so they would sit lower and look more natural. Healing process started... READ MORE

Had 2nd set of breast implants March 3rd 2016. Black hole in the incision that is leaking clear fluid. (photo)

My right implant has been achy on and off.. Saturday I woke up, in a lot of pain.implant was swollen and hot to touch I had a low grade fever 100.4 I... READ MORE

Should I have my implants removed if 6 different antibiotic regimens do not completely clear what seems like an infection?

Had revision of old implants dec 14 , developed bilateral hematomas due to blood thinner, surgery to clean pockets jan 8, 2015. Wound healing issue,... READ MORE

How do I know if I have internal infection after replacement implant?

Reconstructn implant 2yr ago, replacemt 6w ago after leak. Surgery good despite skin infectn after. 3w after sm amount serous fluid leaked, wound... READ MORE

I had Breast Aug with lift June 28th. Should I be concerned about infection with how this looks? (photos)

I'm starting my 2nd round of antibiotics today.. I saw my surgeon today & he wants to see me in 3 days. He told me not to worry, but I can't help... READ MORE

May I take antibiotics and pain medicine before surgery, including the day before? Below are other details I'd like input on.

I'm having breast revision in a week. I just had a full mouth of veneers and am taking antibiotics as well as hydrocodiene for this. Also, two days... READ MORE

Follow up - 2 weeks post 3 surgeries in 1 month. My left nipple hangs much lower now. What are my options? (Photo)

First I'd like to thank all the physicians that have taken the time to lend your expertise. I have endured A LOT this last month & it appears the... READ MORE

Is the color of the fluid draining from my incision normal? (Normal)

Hi Drs, I had breast augmentation revision (sub glandular to sub muscular) 16 days ago. Opaque red/yellow fluid is draining from the more swollen... READ MORE

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