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What is the Best Type of Anesthesia for Breast Revision

I have almost 6 months post op breast augmentation with silicone implants under the muscle and have been diagnosed with cc on my left side. I will... READ MORE

Breast Implants Replaced While Awake and Without the Use of EPI? (photo)

I had breast augmentation done 10 yrs ago. Ten days post-op I hemorrhaged and therefore I developed capillary contraction. I have since had two more... READ MORE

Replacing Saline with Silicone Under a Local?

I have saline implants and want to replace with silicone, they are three years old, over the muscle and were done to replace 20 year old saline ones.... READ MORE

What Will Happen if Under Go for Breast Augmentation 3 Times Within 13 Days?

My first implant was 300cc which I didn't choose. It didn't fit my body so I told my surgeon it's too high because of size. He recommended... READ MORE

I am looking to get Breast Implant Revision, Liopsocution/ fat transfer, can you take Adderall & Klonopin without any risk?

I am looking to get breast implant revision and lipo/fat transfer. I am seeing conflicting answers in a google search. Can you take adderall and... READ MORE

Two times anesthesia in a week?

Hi docs, Is it advisable to go through two times of anesthesia. One would be local anesthesia on my nose, and the other would be general anesthesia... READ MORE

Breast Revision Surgery?

I am contemplating getting a breast revision surgery done on my left breast only. I have the option of doing it under local anesthesia or general... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Narcosis?

Hi, i will have a breast implant revision surgery but i don't want to have narcosis. Are there any other options for general anesthesia? What are the... READ MORE

Cost of breast implant pocket revision?

I posted pictures yesterday and was given advice to get breast implant pocket revision surgery, so I am wondering how much that would cost me, as my... READ MORE

2 Weeks Time Between 2 GA is It Safe? Want to Have BA and Facial Surgeries Will It Infect my Breast Implants?

Desperately wanting few PS. my work wouldnt give more than 1 month off. planning to fly for BA revision w/internal bra along w/ Rhino under GA, and 14... READ MORE

Can plastic surgeons waive or reduce hospital (OR/Anesthesia) fees?

I have required two revisions since getting my implants a little over a year ago due to lateral displacement and bottoming out. I really respected my... READ MORE

Today I had my 6 month check-up with my plastic surgeon and was told that I bottomed out and he recommended a revision. (Photo)

I knew something was wrong but I ignored it thinking that the implant still needed to drop and that would fluff up my breast. He said the implant... READ MORE

I am going to have a second breast augmentation in 3 months because I am not satisfied with the outcome of my first surgery

I am completely unhappy with the size of my breast implants I wanted a UHP silicone implant but my surgeon said I would get similar size and shape... READ MORE

Ruptured Silicone implant removal, replacement, lift and tummy tuck all at once?

I fell and ruptured one of my 30 year old silicone implants. Since I have to have it removed, I decided to replace the implants with silicone gummy... READ MORE

Should I be responsible for any out of pocket expenses for a revision when the doctor has acknowledges it was his fault?

Before my last breast aug and lift surgery I showed the Doctor that I thought my breasts were different sizes he said he did t really see it. Forward... READ MORE

Dr error requiring revision on both breasts. Fair that he requires me to pay anesthesia for it? (Photo)

I will be 6 months post op from my BA (485cc sub muscular, mod profile) when I have my revision done. It is being done by the Dr that did my initial... READ MORE

Revision surgery for one implant that hasn't dropped after 6 months?

I had a lift & saline implant 6 mnths ago. Breast are soft & move well but one dropped & the other is noticeably higher. My Doctor said... READ MORE

One of my implants is deflating. I am having it replaced as well as the other one. What do you think this should cost?

What do you think this should cost? i have inamed insurance so $2400 is going for hospital and anesthesia READ MORE

Is surgery with anesthesia necessary to fix this? And what would recovery look like?

I had breast augmentation with silicone under the muscle 1.5 years ago. My right breast sits about 1-2cm lower than my left and when lying down it... READ MORE

41 yr breast reduction/lift with an implant in April 2015. 14 months later both implants deflated within hours of each other.

The implant company Mentor has agreed to cover new implants (the least they can do) and provide a check for $1200. Any reputable center/anesthesia is... READ MORE

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