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How to deal with a Chloraprep allergy when needing a secondary augmentation surgery due to a rupture?

In a previous surgery I had an allergic contact dermatitis reaction 4 days following the procedure and ended up needing a prednisone pack treatment.... READ MORE

23rd surgery, 2nd day post op. Face mainly and arms hot & flushed. Anesthetic reaction? Antibiotics reaction? Hematoma again?:(?

I was discharged yesterday, after having capsulectomy on right breast and new implants to replace pips. My face is constantly hot and flushed,so are... READ MORE

I've Had One Breast Revision, but They Look Terrible. What Do I Do? (photo)

I got a revision because my first lift was a circumolear lift w/ implants. After waiting a year and a half, I went back in for a revision to remove... READ MORE

I Had Breast Surgery a Week Ago and Now I Have a Massive Allergic Reaction All over my Body? (photo)

I had capsular contraction stage 4 in right breast and stage 3 in left. I had surgery on July 17, 2013 in which the dr inserted a surgimend mesh and... READ MORE

Could Swollen Occipital/Cervical Lymph Nodes mean an Allergic reaction to Breast Implants?

I'm one and a half months post op silicone breast revision. My doctor put drains in my armpits and gave me Medrol pak to prevent capsules.I seemingly... READ MORE

BA revision thru the areola and Benelli lift- 20 year old leaking implants - drug allergies.

I am allergic to multiple drugs and without having allergy testing they are going to use propofol (general anesthesia) even though I am allergic to... READ MORE

Why did my body not accept my implants the first time, and should I try again? Could I be allergic or were they too big for me?

400cc gel under the muscle. Month later implant started to extrude. Had BA removal cleaned out my breast pocket and replaced implant. Another month... READ MORE

Allergic to adhesive, which scar strips would be right for me? (Photo)

I'm allergic to adhesive and had a terrible skin reaction my last BA in 2013. I'm due for my 2nd redo in two weeks. Any new scar products for people... READ MORE

Ongoing Allergic reaction after Implant Exchange (Itching and whelps all over body) ongoing got 1+ year post-op. Any suggestion?

Ever since I did my implant exchange (1year ago). 2 weeks post OP...I am having major itching & whelps all over my chest, back, stomach, hands,... READ MORE

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