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Revision to HP or Mod Plus? (photo)

Currently have 650 HP (Allergan #20) Bottomed out and wide gap. For revision should I stick with HP or change to Mod Plus? How many cc's? Was told BWD... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Far Apart - Worth a Revision? (photo)

In January, I got Allergan HP implants, one 425 and the other 450. They're a little too far apart and I wanted some opinions as to whether or not a... READ MORE

Need Help Picking a Size to Downsize my Implants? (photo)

I currently have 400ccs sils under -diam.13.1/4.0 proj. Im much larger than I want so I want to downsize with capsullorhaphy & no lift. My surgeon... READ MORE

Torn Between Sizes Before Revision Of Ruptured Saline Implants. (photo)

I had saline implants 7 years ago and one just ruptured. I'm going in next week to get Allergan gel implants but am torn on what size to get. I am... READ MORE

Do my breast look how they should 6 weeks post op.? Not happy (photos)

I'm just over 6 weeks post op and I'm not happy with my results :(... I had 345cc hp silicone textured allergan implants. My right one is smaller,... READ MORE

Will a breast revision with HP silicone 550cc submuscular Allergan implants & skin removal achieve desired results? (photo)

I'm a 5'7"140lb. 37 year old fit Mother and had a breast lift with Allergan high profile 265cc saline implants 6 months ago. The result wasn't great... READ MORE

I Want my Breast Size Reduced, What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I have 400cc Allergan High profile gel textured I am 27 inches under my breast and 30 inches over my breast. I want my breast to fit my frame and look... READ MORE

Is 525g Allergan Natrelle Inspira soft touch a good choice for me to avoid mastoplexy? (Photo)

First BA was 10 years ago with 390cc PIP overs. I am asymmetric and I understand I may need a mastoplexy for a more youthfull appearance, however I... READ MORE

BA Revision 250 > 175CC Over, Now Too Small, What Are my Options? (Allergan Moderate Profile, Overs)

I am 5ft 2, 117 lbs with a rib measurement of 29 inches . My implants were almost 15 years old decided to replace them & be a less obvious. Whilst... READ MORE

I Recently Had my Pip Implants Removed and Replaced with Allergen 385cc, but I Hate Them?

I have had my 310 pip implants removed and replaced with 385 allergen naturelle implants but I'm so unhappy with them. They are very soft (not firm... READ MORE

Can I downsize as I hate the projection? (photos)

I have Allergan 410 anatomical implants (370gm) and I hate them. Dr chose them and I feel the projection is way too full 6cm. I am really upset and am... READ MORE

What Are the Dimensions of Anatomical PIP Implants 420cc?

My surgeon wants to replace with allergan style 410 in 425cc implant & I'm worried the dimension will be too small and could have further... READ MORE

Breast Revision (4 Months Post Op) (Under Muscle)? (photo)

Breast revision in a month time! so now i have Allergan SSF 335 and the results did not come as good! ps will put Allergan SSF 435 implanted, will i... READ MORE

Is this realistic? I'm 5'5", 120lbs, broad shoulders and chest. (Photo)

Want a diff look and want to know what is realistic for me to get boobs of Charlotte McKinney with her lips and boobs. Clearly, she was more endowed... READ MORE

Can tenting be repaired with a smaller implant? Allergan 420cc/under muscle/mod profile/14cm base diameter. 3 months post-op.

There has been tenting since day 1 post-op. Wore thong bra since week 3. All bras cause tenting to be worse. Surgeon says that the muscle is not... READ MORE

For Replacement of Deflated Saline Implant with Silicone Gel Implant. What Would Be my Best Option? Allergan? Mentor? Sientra?

Current saline implants:225cc.under the pectoralis muscles.(surgery10 years ago) I want silicone round shape implants not more than 250cc, under the... READ MORE

Implant revision surgery. Will a 60cc reduction make a great difference?

I met with a surgeon to discuss breast implant revision surgery. I have PIP (non medical grade implants) high profile 270 cc, 11.2 cm diameter with a... READ MORE

Pain 6 Months Post? (photo)

Hi all, 6 months post op revision with crease lowering. This was surgery no. 4. Difficult recovery and am still experiencing sharp burning pains in... READ MORE

Should I have a revision of by Breast Augmentation and go a bit bigger? (photos)

I had a BA 2 years and my surgeon used Allergan 210cc silicone Round Moderate Profile implants. I'm now scheduled to have a Revision of a Full TT and... READ MORE

My PS says I can't change my mind on implant size unless I pay a huge fee. Is there anything I can do?? Please help I'm so upset

My pre-op appointment was a few days ago and I chose a size without giving too much thought to it, since I thought I would be able to change my mind... READ MORE

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