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Partial Insurance Coverage for Augmentation Problem?

Bi-lateral augmentation (hopefully surgeon was honest when he said they were saline,) 2/1982. They seemed to hold up well and I am now 57. Took a hard... READ MORE

60 Years Old, Wanting to Replace 23 Year Old Breast Implants, Options? (photo)

23 years ago had McGhan implants. Size B & saggy. Had 320cc implanted. Contracture grade 3 & 4. Weighed 120 now weigh 145. Breasts went from C... READ MORE

Currently 350 Cc. Going to 550 Cc. 60 Yrs Old, 5' 7", 170 Lbs. Will It Be Too Big? (photo)

I am 60 years old, 5'7", 170lbs. I have breast implants from 1983, silicone, above muscle, 350cc. I am having a revsion Feb 1st. I am... READ MORE

Can the Pocket Under the Breast Accommodate a Smaller Implant? (photo)

I'm 60 years old and like most older women want to lose the matronly look that my 30 year old large implants give me. I'm curious if the pocket... READ MORE

BA Revision Input? (photo)

I currently have Natrelle 15 implants 371cc's. I'm considering a revision to 500 HP to keep the same width that I currently have. My height/weight is... READ MORE

Would a Different Profile Help Me Not to Look So Saggy or is It Just my Skin and Age? (photo)

I'm sixty and while I like my result I'm curious for different opinions. I have 300cc moderate profile revised from old 450cc. I'm post op two months... READ MORE

When can I have sex after my breast augmentation?

I am 57, 175 pounds and 5 days PO after receiving 650/700 cc round, smooth silicone implants. This was a bi-lateral replacement breast re-augmentation... READ MORE

I currently have 400cc saline implants. Would the 550cc silicone h/p, look larger than what I have now?

I was told by my p/s that I do not need a lift. I have no photos. I am 58 years old, 5 foot 5 and weight 115 pounds and I am in very good shape.... READ MORE

Breat Implant Removal After Lift & Alloderm Revision?

I'm a 55 year old female 5'8" 140 lbs. I had a breast lift & 300cc implants over the muscle approx 3 years ago. One year after the surgery, I had... READ MORE

Does wearing a bra increase my chance of capsular contracture of sub-glandular revision with silicone smooth round 400cc? (photo

5'5", 150 lbs, 63 yr, no preg, no yo-yo dieting or major weight loss. Original implants 1979. Braless since late '80s. 2 revisions / sub-glandular... READ MORE

What Does Breast Augmentation Redos Involve?

I'm 55. Had saline breast implants in1981-no problems. Now saggy and need replaced. I think I am about a C cup. What does this involve? READ MORE

It's been 5 months since implant exchange surgery. How will revision surgery lift the left implant to match the right? (Photo)

I went from 360cc saline to 425cc silicone high profile. Both were under the muscle. As the before and after photos show, my new implants were... READ MORE

Considering downsizing breast implants.

I had implants above the muscle at 34 and loved them for 20 years. I had to have a revision done about 4 years ago because both implants had ruptured... READ MORE

Replacement of Implants, Original Cancer and Radiation in 1985? (photo)

I had lumpectomy & radiation in 1985. I got UM silicone implants in June 2011. Left radiated side 400cc, right 325cc. Easy recovery; no problems -... READ MORE

Breast implant exchange: cost and downtime? (Photo)

Want to get new implants , full C or D, with cleavage, I'm 56 had 275cc gel implants put in 1985, was an A cup, and they are hard and uneven , I made... READ MORE

To explant or implant exchange with lift? Over or under muscle? Smooth or shaped? What will help? (Photo)

Hi, I am 55 y/o, got silicone smooth round over the muscle in 2008. I had B cup breasts with ptosis before implzngx. Now breasts are hard, w/swollen... READ MORE

I had saline breast implants when I was 42 and I am now 62. Two years ago I got pneumonia and one of my implants leaked.

I was diagnosed with COPD and now am on 5mg prednisone daily. Can I have my inflated breast implant filled with saline again? Would I have to be cut... READ MORE

Desire breast revision with a much smaller size (34C) and both breasts the same size. Can this be achieved? Suggestions? (Photo)

55yo 5'5" 128lbs. History: 2004 -350cc smooth round moderate mentor implants placed below muscle and they were overfilled not sure how much. Size... READ MORE

I'm unhappy with my implants. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had surgery June 2014 I had implants 14 years ago 350cc to 650cc saline they look uneven one is larger it feels like my right implant is falling out... READ MORE

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