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How Do I Choose the Best Size Implants After Mastectomy? Going from 425cc to 650cc

I had 425cc implants put in but I have very little profile. I was a B cup using a great push up padded bra. I am 53, have always wanted larger boobs.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Order Customized Breast Implants?

I had breast implant revision surgery recently to replace saline implants which visibly wrinkled. I have very little breast tissue and therefore chose... READ MORE

Going in for Capsulorrhaphy in Aug to Fix Bottomed out Implant? (photo)

I am going to have a capsulorrhaphy in Aug. I had 400 cc silicone implants done and right away noticed that my breast were uneven and my surgeon told... READ MORE

Safe to Use Tumscent Local Anesthetic for Breast Implant Exchange?

I am a 50 year old woman and had a breast lift/implants 6 months ago. My right breast has now become incapsulated and I am having it taken out along... READ MORE

How Long Before the Final Results Will Happen/settle After Silicon Under Muscle Breast Augmentation?

5' 7.5"&130-135lbs 45 yrs old. Wanted moderate/natural look. Had been debating 2 sizes (397 R&371 L due to size diff & other was 339 in... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision After 22 Years? (photo)

My breast implants are 22 years old. (silicon) under muscle. I have notice in the past 6 months that my left breast is smaller and slight rippling. I... READ MORE

If the Dr. Added More CC Could This Be Fixed? I Am So Depressed, and Sick of Surgery. (photo)

Had Anatomical (Under) 380/400 cc removed. New saline round protruding.three months later ,The right side was flat..( Had 3 pins wholes in it) think... READ MORE

My Question Is... Would Going from a 540cc to a 640 Cc Be a Drastic Change or Would It Be a Minimal Change? (photo)

I'm having my implants redone. One of my saline implants raptured about 2 weaks ago after 4 years. From day one after my first surgery I said, I... READ MORE

Revision for Downsizing Implants. If I knew then, what I know now - I would never have gone this big! (Photo)

Have had implants for 20 yrs with current ones for 7 yrs - 600cc High Profile Gels behind muscle. I'm 47 yrs old, would like to downsize a bit by 150... READ MORE

I have extreme Muscle Flex deformity from sub pectoral Mentor cohesive gel implants. I don't want to sacrifice strength by cutti

I had the surgery a year ago.Whenever I engage my pecs the implants shift laterally under my armpits. It's very disturbing. I am a personal trainer by... READ MORE

Replacing Saline W/Silicone - Do I Need Lift? (150cc, Mentor Siltex Rt Filled 225cc, Left 215cc, Age 49, 5' 2, 103lbs? (photo)

Replacing my Saline implants with Silicone -I am unsure if I should have a lift as well. I do not want larger implants (would prefer slightly small... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Breast Lift/ with Augmentation?

Unilateral BA at 19yo for asymmetry. Now 50. Encapsulated implant rmvd 3 wks ago, both breasts BL/BA, 304cc silicone, upper peri-aureolar, crescent... READ MORE

How can I get a soft, natural sloping breast, without looking fake? Should I get a revision, or new implants? (Photo)

53 y.o. 1 year post BÀ w/375cc silicone, HP and lollipop lift. A year ago I posted my concern that the implants did not drop. I am not happy with the ... READ MORE

Breast augmentation revision: go smaller or remove altogether? (photo)

I've attached a number of pictures to show someone similar to what I looked like before surgery... me after BA (saline, subpectoral, in place since... READ MORE

Wanting to downsize implants modestly. How many CCs do I need to achieve this look? (Photo)

I have 600 High Profile gels and would like to downsize a bit in diameter and a bit in fullness. I was thinking between 125 cc - 150 cc. The first 3... READ MORE

I had BA with 320cc teardrop shaped silicone implants 12 months ago. (Photo).

I always expressed that I did not want large breasts and now I am wanting to reduce the size if it is an easy thing to do. I find the breasts are a... READ MORE

Seroma After Implant Deflated. Should I Get Them Replaced?

My implant deflated slowing and during that time Seroma developed. I thought my implant was moving. My surgeon is going to remove the implant in a... READ MORE

I want new implants. I have a wide chest plate and don't want my new boobs to be too far apart. How can I get cleavage? (Photo)

I am 45 yrs old, 5'2", 125lbs. I have 450cc Mentor saline implants I got in 1998. What do you suggest I do to get higher breasts and give me cleavage? READ MORE

Do I Attempt a Corrective Nipple Surgery? Its Been 9 Months..If So Who Can Fix This? (photo)

9 months ago had I had a 2nd lift and 2nd implant exchange with devastating results. PLEASE advise me. several plastic surgeons said the nipple may... READ MORE

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