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Best Approach for Downsizing Breast Implants? (photo)

I have 700cc subpectoral mod+ silicone. Periareolar incision. Flat chested preop, no asymmetry. I have mild symmastia & bottoming out.I want... READ MORE

Can I Get Bigger Implants 6 Months Post Op?

I am 24 years old 5'9 140 lbs. Three months ago I had breast augmentation with 400cc silicone implants. I was a large A before. Now that the... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Large and Painful. Want Replaced with Smaller Ccs, Should It Be Paid For? (photo)

First BA june'11 400cc silicone under. Started with 34A,110lbs, 5'6, 21 yrs old wanted small D. As my breast settled they became very asymetrical. My... READ MORE

Not happy with my 550cc breast implants, should I have them redone? (photos)

Hello Doctors, first off, I am a 22 year old female, 5'2, 115 pds. I had breast augmentation last year in June. I chose to go with 550cc silicone gel... READ MORE

After Internal Bra (Internal Sutural) Procedure for Synmastia Repair? Does This How It Usually Looks? My Chest is Sore. (photo)

I am 5'0, I am in my early 20s. I had 350cc implanted and I had severe synmastia and bottoming out. READ MORE

Breast Lift and Replacing Existing Implants - Will Breasts Fall Again?

I'm 24 yrs old, I had a breast augmentation done in 2007, since then I have had a beautiful baby boy who is 1 yr old but my breast have been... READ MORE

Downsizing implants, without a lift? I have, 500cc, mentor, high profile under the muscle, had them for three years (Photo)

Hi! I want to downsize my implants from 500cc to 375. I'm 24 years old, no kids! I think my implants are way to big for me since I'm very petite! I... READ MORE

BA revision. Nipples sit low. Do I need a full lift, donut lift? Or just bigger implants and cut pocket deeper? (Photo)

I'm 22yrs 5'5" 160lbs. Athletic. I had a BA in 2011 and have been unhappy since. I have HP 550cc silicone implants w/ inframmary incision. I want... READ MORE

It's 600 Cc HP Saline Implants Too Big for a Mother That Breast Fed 2 Children I'm 23 Years Old 5"5? (photo)

I had surgery a year ago i got 470cc HP saline Unders and I am very disappointed with the results they look so small i thought they will be much... READ MORE

Breast Revision to Go Larger?

IIm 21 years old and currently have 360 cc moderate profile implants. I'm 5'2 and weigh 120 pounds (petite build). My breasts look very natural and... READ MORE

After Removing my 450 Cc of 4 Yrs Implant to 300cc Will I Need a Lift? (photo)

I got 450cc implants at the age of 19. now being 22 my large implants were causing me major back pain. I decided to go smaller and get silicone. the... READ MORE

Is my wish boob realistic? (Photo)

My surgery is scheduled for next week. Currently have 20-yr. old saline unders and need a unilateral capsulectomy. I'm hoping to add some cleavage,... READ MORE

Recommended Procedure to Achieve Significantly Smaller Breast and Areola's with Minimal Scarring? (photo)

I'm 22 years old with sub muscular 360CC Natrelle Saline-Filled Implants. I underwent a breast aug. & a donut mastopexy 4 months postpartum my 1st... READ MORE

Are extra/ultra high profile implants the right choice? (Photo)

I am booked in for my BA this Tuesday. I am looking to achieve more round fake looking breasts and hopefully decrease my gap, I feel as though my... READ MORE

Help Choose Desired CC's Size for Me. Please and Thank You!

Age 24, 105 lbs, Petite 5'2 Asian American. I currently have 350 cc Mentor Moderate Plus Saline implants under the muscle. I believe, I am a full... READ MORE

I Am Having my Boobs Done a Second and Final Time and Would Like Advice on the Right Implant Choice from Me Please? (photo)

I am 24years old and 161cm tall. I weigh 46kgs and currently have 280cc silicone breast in each, over the muscle. My same plastic surgeon recommends a... READ MORE

What is Next for my Breasts? I'm Still Not Happy. (photo)

I've had symmastia repair done twice... my breasts still dont look correct. i dont know what to do.i have gel implants under the muscle had alloderm... READ MORE

Are Breast Implants Still a Viable Option After Loose Silicone Injections? (photo)

I've had loose silicone injections in my breasts, 80cc's in each. I'm a b cup at the moment but am not satisfied with my size. I haven't had any... READ MORE

Implants removed as a result of exposure, will be replaced in 6 weeks but what should I do differently this time around? (photo)

Previously a small B cup, I chose Natrelle high profile 550cc saline implants, behind the muscle, inserted under breast crease, for a big, fake look.... READ MORE

Can I get away with going from 900cc overs to 400-500 UNDERS? I have only had larger implants for 8 months (photo)

I am 5ft8, 65kg, 23, athletic build. First BA July 2010 410cc overs. They were like two circles plonked on my chest and very far apart so in March... READ MORE

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