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Is 535cc to 590cc UHP Mentor Right for Me? (photo)

My PS recommends 535cc to 590cc UHP with a full lift under muscle. I've lost 55 pounds breast fed 3 kids and have lost a lot of volume in upper breast... READ MORE

After weight loss, can a larger implant help fill loose skin as well as give me more cleavage? (Photo)

I lost 42 lbs and now have more of a gap inbetween my breasts and lose skin. I would like bigger breasts and more cleavage while maintaining the look... READ MORE

Saline implants done 15 years ago and one has changed suddenly in the past week or so. Possible slow leak? (photo)

I had saline implants under the muscle done 15 yrs ago. At the time, I was 5'6", 165-170 and went from A/B to a D/DD. I have had two babies, gained... READ MORE

I'm 5'4" 150lbs Medium (pear Shaped Frame.I'm on 3rd BA & Possible Lift Exchange.Currently 510cc's in Left 550cc's in my Right?

What do you recommend? I'm also doing a tummy tuck and lipo as I've lost 65 lbs within the last yr through lifestyle change and walking/exercising.I... READ MORE

Has my left breast bottomed out? (Photo)

Had lift and saline implants 525 cc under muscle 8 months ago and had revision 7 weeks ago. My left breast seems to have bottomed out. My doctor says... READ MORE

45 year old. Significant weight loss since original procedure in 2008. No upper pole, bottom heavy (Photo)

I am 6ft,180 lbs at the time of original surgery with 450cc silicone MP2008. 3 years later, I went bigger had a R&R went to a 600 cc HP Both via... READ MORE

Can I reimplant if I have had abnormal mammogram and biopsy showing fat necrosis beside my scar?

Two years ago I had my 26 year old saline implants removed along with a breast lift. I have lost 20 pounds since then (now 145) and my breasts keep... READ MORE

Can I reduce my 38D 420cc implants to a reconstructive smaller 38b or c? "More Sporty"

I at one point was 5'9 250 lbs. I lost a lot of weight and lost my chest and went to maybe a large A small B with lose skin. I got implants under the... READ MORE

Weight loss of 90 lbs: poor skin elasticity and BA revision. (photos)

My original BA was 3/2014 with great results. Unfortunately due to my poor skin elasticity I wanted my breast corrected for my daughters impending... READ MORE

Breast augmentation: is this my final result? Or can the implant be lifted? (photos)

On Feb 13th I got 405cc silicone implants placed under the muscle. The purpose was to fill the breast tissue after substantial weightloss. My surgeon... READ MORE

Is it worth switching from over the muscle to under? Was 34DD before my surgery but lost upper fullness due to weight loss.

Hi, I have 560cc over the muscle gel implants 3 years old. We opted for overs because I had breast tissue on the bottom. I'm scheduled to have them... READ MORE

What options do I have for my breast to look normal? (photos)

When I lost 120lbs I lost a lot of volume in my boobs. I had a breast reduction March 3 2016 and I went from an H cup to the worlds smallest B cup. I... READ MORE

How can I find a surgeon in NYC who specializes in breast revision surgery?

In particular from breast reduction? I suffered necrosis several years ago with other complications to the breast area and would finally get it fixed... READ MORE

If in fact I replace them, would it be okay to go with gel & a little larger even though I have a lift already?

Removal of stiff Saline implants-28 yr old-got saline implants at 18 & a breast lift at 26, Lost 50lb & my implants have always been a tad stuff but... READ MORE

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