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Should I Replace my 20 Yr. Old Silicone Implants?

I currently have 20yr. old Silicone implants (i am 44yrs. old) placed above the muscle. I would like to replace them with the newer implants and go... READ MORE

Was It Standard of Care for my Dr. to Place my Silicone Implants Above the Muscle?

I had a skin sparing bilateral mastectomy.I was stretched to a "DD" above muscle,then replaced w/ 700 cc silicone implant.After transfer,I... READ MORE

I Have Slight Symmastia and Want to Know my Options for Repair & What to Expect for Breast Revision Recovery? (photo)

My 1st Aug I went below muscle (HP saline) I noticed symmastia. 8 months after my 1st surg I had a revision (its been 2 years since my rev). My dr... READ MORE

Seroma After Implant Deflated. Should I Get Them Replaced?

My implant deflated slowing and during that time Seroma developed. I thought my implant was moving. My surgeon is going to remove the implant in a... READ MORE

Replacing teardrop 410cc submuscular with 440cc round silicone above muscle (Photo)

Had 2nd surgery to fix double bubble but no success. Surgeon suggested going above muscle. I want a more obvious look so he suggested round, 440cc... READ MORE

Over or Under if I Try It Again~ 3rd Time

In 2007 I had 300cc implants put under the muscle and 6 months later had them replaced in the same area and the same size due to Capsular Contracture.... READ MORE

Symmastia or Malpositioned breast implants? (Photo)

I've had my breasts done twice, the first time above the muscle at 525cc silicon implants and the second 800cc above the muscle silicon implants. The... READ MORE

Mammogram done 4 months after breast augmentation revision and now silicone-filled implants look weird. Is this normal? (photo)

I had breast augmentation revision on Oct 2013 due to leaking saline implants. I chose Natrelle style 15 silicone-filled implants that were supposed... READ MORE

Will going bigger achieve my goal? (Photos)

I got saline implant (330cc) above the muscle, now I feel that 3 months later I still don't have my volume back that I originally wanted. If you see... READ MORE

20 year old, saline implants, placed above the muscle, don't know number of CC's.. Should I seek a revision specialist? (Photo)

I have consulted a couple surgeons, both having different opinions on the plan of action to take. Based on pics and specification of implants, how... READ MORE

Should I remove my implants? Do I have an infection? (photos)

Saline BA above muscle about 1yr ago. Implants bottomed in 6mths. Had a revision 3wks ago. Had a BL and replaced my saline for silicone implants... READ MORE

I am having severe issues with submusclar because I am a very athletic woman. Would gummy bear implants help? (Photo)

I currently have submuscular implants; I am having severe issues with submusclar because I am a very athletic woman and body build. They need to be... READ MORE

Under or Above Muscle for Reconstruction following Failed Horndeski Method Lift? (photos)

10 months post explant with "Horndeski" Method Breast Lift, 10 weeks post Revision - and I need a redo for sure. Hideous scars, ZERO upper pole... READ MORE

Bodybuilder needs redo breast aug that is above muscle (capsular contract). Thick strong pecs. Above or under muscle? (Photo)

Currently implants above muscle. Many doctors advising to keep them above. I am not so much concerned about under the muscle movement of implants.... READ MORE

Is 700cc implants a good idea ? (photo)

My first surgery was (2007) I have now implants are above the muscle 500cc saline. After breast-feeding they drooping . I want be fuller . . I want to... READ MORE

5 weeks post surgery. Textured Silicone above muscle. Significant rippling and bubble in cleavage area on left breast. (Photo)

My 1st breast aug was 18 years ago. Silicon above muscle 350cc textured. I recently had surgery to replace my old implants. After surgery, doctor told... READ MORE

Should I have a second revision done? (Photo)

Had BA done 2013 with 495cc above the muscles. I was very unhappy with size, sagging and lack of volume. My original bra size was a 38c. I had... READ MORE

Is a breast revision worth it? Will i sag as much again? (photo)

Have 300cc high profile cohesive silicone...and "j" lift.implants above the muscle. Had wound opening at "t" junction at 3weeks post op. Now breast... READ MORE

Implant replacements: above muscle to under muscle

My implants were 20 years old and my right side was encapsulated... Very hard! Therefore, I had them replaced (both saline). I am wondering how long... READ MORE

28 year old textured silicone implant revision

I have very thin skin and two years ago had a MRI and it did not show leakage. I have textured silicone implants above the muscle. I am 58 years old... READ MORE

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