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How Soon to Approach Your PS About Considering Revision to Go Bigger? (photo)

I got 286cc two months ago. I was a 32A and now measure a 32D (but those bras are already getting too big). Cup size is irrelevant though since I... READ MORE

Anyone have experience with very small silicone gel implants--100-125cc?

I'm 44 yo w/275 gel implants from years ago. I wanted to fill my A cup--keep small breasts, just a little fuller. The difference between band & breast... READ MORE

Will Smaller Breast Implants Change the Shape of my Breasts?

I am 5'5" 140 lbs /630ccs high profile saline implants under the muscle. Before BA I was a 34A, now 36D . It is 2 years since my BA and I am finding... READ MORE

Had Breat Augmentation, and Am Now Wanting Bigger.

I am 5'3, 108lb.I was an A and went to a D (375(L)400cc(R) Im wanting bigger. If I got 500cc would it be significantly bigger if not is 600cc too big? READ MORE

I am wanting to have my breast implants changed to a larger size. What size should I get? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation almost one year ago and I am unhappy with the size. I feel my breasts are still small. I am 28, 5ft 7 and 126lbs. Bra size... READ MORE

Fuller VS Larger - Revision? (photo)

I got 286cc two months ago and this brought me from a 30/32A to a 30D. However, I have still been feeling like my breasts are small since day one.... READ MORE

BA revision, but wants to go bigger (A to full D) (Photo)

1.surgery: www.realself.com/question/asymmetrical-breasts-hypertrophic-scars-after-surgery-revision-for-free Revison: 13sept 2014, 600ml mentor gel... READ MORE

I'm getting a revision in a couple weeks. What should I do to fix my uneven breast? (photos)

I don't like the way they look so differnt. Right is low and larger, the left is small and higher. I like the way the left feels, it feels natural but... READ MORE

Does this size match my expectations? A to D cup. (photo)

I am have been getting the worse boob greed ever . I want to know if this size looks like a full size D cup. My surgeon did not discuss CC... READ MORE

When is a good time to replace your implants? (photos)

I have saline rounds 360 & 370 cc's placed under the muscle with periareola incisions done March 3rd. That was the max he could fit in. I was looking... READ MORE

What silicone implant size is required to go from an A to a D in a woman who is 5'5", 32 bandwidth and 127 pounds.

I am 5'5", 32 bandwidth, 127 pounds. I was given 250cc moderate profile plus implants and told they would be my desired D cup. They are a B cup... READ MORE

How would I fix this? (Photo)

I had surgery done in September 2015 - went from an a to a d 400cc after breast feeding 2 kids and training hard i lost all the weight - they have... READ MORE

500cc to 1,500cc? Is it possible with very little breast tissue? If not, what is the biggest I could go?

My breasts are currently 500cc , saline I told my doctor to get me to the biggest size he could. I went from an A cup to a D cup, had very little... READ MORE

Planning to have my second breast augmentation surgery (not happy with the first one results) (Photo)

I was flat chested almost no breast at all , and I had my first surgery he promised me a full B-Cup with natural look (used round shaped silicon ),... READ MORE

Very worried - uneven looking breasts. (photos)

I had breast implant surgery almost 3 months ago. I was an AA-A cup now I'm about a 10D. I had 450cc implants. Im concerned that they are looking very... READ MORE

Having issues with 17 year old anatomical saline implants.

I have 17 year old anatomical saline implants (axillary approach-went from 34A-small 34D). I My bra is very uncomfortable on the underside of my... READ MORE

Worried one breast might be bigger than other?

I am going on my 3rd week out of surgery. I had my check up last week the doctor said everything was fine and looked great. I fill as if maybe my one... READ MORE

I had my 2nd set of sub muscular breast implants in 2006. Should I have them replaced because of muscle twitches?

I have had a muscle twitch off/on in my right breast almost the entire time. People notice, some make comments and I can feel the twitching (although... READ MORE

Is this normal 1 week post op? (photo)

Had emlargwmemy 5th august 2015 anatomi cal undermuscle x went from a 34a to a 36d BUT just last week had revision surgery as left implant had turned... READ MORE

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