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How to Fix Slight Bottoming out Due to Over-dissection?

It's been 8-9 months since my BA. From the first day of surgery my left breast was always bigger and lower. Can you please tell me how my doctor... READ MORE

Deflated A Cup to Full C Cup - What Implant Should I Have Gotten?

I was a B. Blew up to at a D (breast feeding) then deflated to less than A. I requested FULL not projected, ball park full C. Said I was a tomboy,... READ MORE

560cc Polyurethane Round High Profile Implants?

I am 5ft 6" tall and weigh approximately 160lbs and am a UK size 14. I had implants approximately 7 years ago (300cc high profile) - i was a 38a... READ MORE

Why do I have SEVERE rippling after breast revision from saline to silicone?

I had 300 cc saline implants taking me from a 32 A to a 32 full B/ small C. I went up about 60 ccs in my revision to moderate plus silicone implant... READ MORE

Do I Need Another Breast Revision Surgery and Hypertrophic Scar Cut Out? (photo)

My breasts were asymmetric left side A cup&my right C. I've surgeries performed by the same surgeon w/in a span of 2 months. 1 surgery he added a... READ MORE

Confused about 800cc implants. (photo)

Had 500cc inplants in April from I was 36A pre op & 190lb they feel small. I'm now a C cup. If 200cc is about1cup size on 36back size then would... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Implants 6 months post op Bottom Out and Lateral Displacement?

I feel like my breasts are too far apart & are too bottom heavy with nipples too high up with scars in fold now riding up. Am I bottoming out with... READ MORE

Update to my question: What procedure works for bottoming out and capsular contracture?

Photo as requested. "I went from an 34A to 34C (325cc) Medium Profile. Post op I noticed the left was dropping far quicker than the right breast. Dr... READ MORE

Deflate or Remove Implants Completely?

My Surgeon Filled One of my Implants Up to 370 on the Right Side and the Left Side is 340.  Its firmer and stands tall when I lay down and the... READ MORE

Will 475cc get me to a full C cup or small D? I currently have a 325cc silicone implant (Photo)

I recently had a BA done 3 weeks ago I was a 34 A and I got the 325cc silicone implants told my surgeon that I wanted a full c close to a D look. im... READ MORE

Why would the 2nd Breast Augmentation be more expensive than the first? Does it look like the right one will ever drop? (photo)

I had my first Breast Augmentation done about 4 1/2 months ago. He put in 200ccHP silicone under the muscle. My right implant isnt dropping as much. A... READ MORE

What would be needed to fix these? (photos)

I got 330cc saline sub muscular implants 7 years ago. I was a small A cup and went to a large C. Shortly after my surgery I noticed my nipples were... READ MORE

What is Best Width for a Revision Surgery?

I am a very thin mother with a visible rib cage. I started with a deflated A cup. I used to have full C breasts. I had implants too wide placed 6... READ MORE

How much replace saline implants done 1983 68-year-old female great health? (photos)

Got saline implants in '83 ('Meme' brand) from A+ cup to C cup. Very happy until recently, they have separated and look strange. Cannot get mammograms... READ MORE

Redo by my PS for 2000$, a month after BA. Will I be satisfied changing from 450cc saline to 350cc silicone?

1 month ago, I had my breast augmentation and revieved 450cc saline mod+. It's totally not what I had asking for. I wanted a full C , starting 32A. I... READ MORE

I have symmastia & want to get it fixed. Any doctor recommendations? (Photo)

I wonder if possibly the implants to large. I was a 34a before me now 34c and have 300cc memory gel silicone implants ... help. Also wondering if I... READ MORE

Fill current impants with extra saline or new implants? (Photos)

Three months post-op, A to C. If my PS fills the implants beyond the recommended amount (from 270cc to 400cc) will it negate the warranty if the... READ MORE

Can the VS person really be right? How could I stay the same size after augmentation?

6 years ago I had my 1st augmentation. 500 CC silicone mod profile unders. It took me from an A cup to a full C cup. (Measured at VS and it seemedike... READ MORE

Can I do anything? My breast implants are very apart, no cleavage and feel deformed, arms run into my new outer boob.

Shouldn't a surgeon who measure everything with years of experience be able to anticipate a body with nipples far apart and tell the patient BEFORE?... READ MORE

Difference between moderate plus and high profile implants? I wanted a full look, would moderate plus have been better?

I recently under went BA three weeks ago and I have 400cc high profile silicone implants. I'm 28 with 2 kids 5'7" 125 pounds, and was a 34A prior to... READ MORE

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