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Breast Implants That Do Not Settle

I had breast implants revision 9 months ago. After having silcone implants for 20 years, I decided to go with saline. My surgeon suggested to put the... READ MORE

Will a Third Breast Implant Surgery Ruin my Breasts?

I got saline 350 ccs about 9 months ago. They were too big so I got silicone 250 ccs. I still feel they are too big and i am beginning to think i... READ MORE

Third Breast Augmentation in 9 Months - What Should I Do? (Photo)

Right implant ruptured 7 months post op. So PS redid both implants. 2nd surgery I noticed small hole w/ leakage in incision. The implant dropped thru... READ MORE

Can Larger Implants Be Used in Revision Surgery Through Transaxillary Insertion

I had my breast augmentation 9 months ago and chose round, 375 cc high profile silicone implants under the muscle. I am now wanting to go a fair bit... READ MORE

Now 9 Months PO, Noticed "Bottoming Out" at 4 Mo PO, I Approached my Dr. and He Totally Denies This. What To Do? (photo)

Had BA 4/11, had bottoming out 4 mo PO with stretch marks. I am now 9 mo PO couple months ago had PO visit surgeon denied this, but did not take... READ MORE

Second Time Capsular Contracture. What is my Best Option?

9 months ago I had implants replaced due to capsular contracture. The new ones capsulated to grade 2 and 3 within a couple of months. They were placed... READ MORE

Do you offer Eurosilicone implants, or you think silimed is better?

Hi.I had breast Augmentation about 9 months ago and now the ultrasound and MRI suggested me that my implants are ruptured.my implants are silimes 355... READ MORE

Do I Attempt a Corrective Nipple Surgery? Its Been 9 Months..If So Who Can Fix This? (photo)

9 months ago had I had a 2nd lift and 2nd implant exchange with devastating results. PLEASE advise me. several plastic surgeons said the nipple may... READ MORE

I would like to downsize my implant and undergo a lift. How can I achieve round, perky breasts? (Photo)

9 months ago I had 550cc(r) and 450cc (l) HP unders. I am unhappy with the result as they are way to big for me. They sit low on my chest, my nipple... READ MORE

I recently had a Breast revision from a 350, filled to 490cc implant to a 650 implant filled to 950cc's! Can saline be removed?

They were uneven and sagging. The surgeon did a great job with a muscle separation and other sided capsular contraction. They are perfectly even now;... READ MORE

I need a revision surgery of my right breast due to a high riding implant. Any suggestions? (photos)

I need a revision surgery of my right breast due to a high riding implant. I have Sientra textured silicone implants (415 HP left, 385 MP right). 9... READ MORE

Boobs don't match after revision surgery. What do you suggest? (Photo)

Had revision surgery October 14 as gad bottoming out the bigger boob has smaller implant in the smaller boob has 35 cc more than over boob but this is... READ MORE

Breast revision surgery fluid build up. Should I stop messaging breast?

I had a raptured breast implant replaced in January 2014. About 6 month after revision the breast looks a lot bigger. Ultrasound showed pockets of... READ MORE

Lymph Node Swelling Followed by Cc?

I am now 9 mo. Post open. I have 400cc silicone gel sub muscular. Everything was soft until a few weeks ago. Very swollen axillary lymph node on right... READ MORE

Fallen implant. What to do?

I had breast aug 9 mos ago, no complications and felt great. About 5 mos after the surgery, I noticed an indent on the inside of my left breast which... READ MORE

9 months post BA I can feel ripples in my implants and in the last month breasts feel tighter with some discomfort. (Photo)

I have sub muscular implants with very little breast tissue, I had first op 17 months ago but had to have correctional surgery after 8 months as my... READ MORE

Went with 415 and I'm a D-DD. I want a reduction and have smaller more natural looking breasts. Should I get a revision? (photo)

I am 9 months post op with 415 hp textured sientra implants under the muscle. I was nervous about getting HP implants because I wanted a very natural... READ MORE

Why will my implants not sit in place?

I had breast implants in june 2013 and they both sat to the right of my chest, so had revision in jan2014 and again it feels like the implants are... READ MORE

Should I consider a revision for my breast augmentation? (Photo)

Hello, I had a B. A. 9 months ago. The doctor used a moderate profile 425 under the muscle. At first my results seemed very beautiful but now i feel... READ MORE

UHP 485CC dual plane. Near 9months post op. Lack of volume in left. Have experienced domestic violence 3times to chest (Photo)

Breast revision from 375hp 2yr afer baby discomfort loss volume double bubble sat on nerve mastites .. Now Uhp dual plane 485cc silicone left is just... READ MORE

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