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What Can I Do to Fix the Rippling/Wrinkling on my Breasts?

Hi, i had my breasts enlarged the first time to 525cc dual plane silicone and wanted bigger so a year ago i went to 800cc dual plane silicone however... READ MORE

800cc Breast Implant Replacement Possible for Second Surgery?

I had Breast Augmentation surgery in Aug'09 and went from 36A to a 36D, silicone, under the muscle. I have 550 cc's in left & 500 in right... READ MORE

I am 5'7" and 140 lbs. I currently have 600cc ultra high profile silicone implants. Any suggestions? (Photo)

I am the one in the topless photo and posted a pic of another girl of who I would like my implants to look like. I am the one in topless photo. Hers... READ MORE

Is 800cc a Good Idea? (photo)

My first surgery was 9 yrs ago and I let ppl talk me into smaller than I am happy with. I think what I have now are 300cc saline and I want to replace... READ MORE

800 or 900cc's Too Much??

I had a BA done 2 months ago. I am 5'6" and 218lbs. I am a 40 band size. I had 500cc/520cc implanted, and as you can see from the pictures,... READ MORE

Increasing Size to 800cc next week, What Size Sports Bra Do I Need?

... what size sports bra should i get? i have had 3 enlargements already but im sure that 200cc increase gave me a 3 cup size increase but all the... READ MORE

Over or Under the Muscle With 800cc Implants?

Should I get my 800 cc mod+ implants over or under?? I have 500 cc mod+ now but, don't want too much dropping or sagging. I previously had 650 cc... READ MORE

I hate the look of my 800cc implants. What should I do? (photo)

I started with 650silicone being unhappy with the sagging look I found the 2nd surgeon and showed him pics of the look I wanted he said in order for... READ MORE

I Have 380 Cc Silicone Implants Would It Be Possible to Change to 800 Cc?

I am 5'7 weight 110 hoping for bigger implants double d or ddd READ MORE

I'm 5'8, 160lbs with 800cc implants under-the-muscle. Will a revision with implants over-the-muscle, make them appear bigger?

1st I got at 220lbs 450ccs over the muscle, 2nd set 600ccs UNDER the muscle at 160lbs (I began teaching fitness and lost it) and I recently got 800ccs... READ MORE

Wanting to go up to an 800 cc high profile? (photo)

I currently am 5"7 and 138 lbs but have a narrow chest that is kinda pigeont shaped. I have 600cc ultra high profile implants but want to swap out for... READ MORE

What size/projection/profile etc is recommended to achieve my desired look?

Hi there, My breasts are currently 700cc Medium Profile. They sit way too low and also too far apart. I would prefer more of a cleavage. Would it be... READ MORE

Shall I get 800 or 900 cc? I want full boobs (Photo)

800 900 or 1000 help hi guys im sooo stresssed out ive got revision surgery next week im currently 635 silicone cc and im sooo unhappy with the size i... READ MORE

1 day post op, why does my implant looks smaller for a 800cc silicone?

So i had my surgery yesterday,,,,,i ask for 800 cc from 475,..but my boobs looks like 600cc only...before my surgery i did a lot of 800cc silicone... READ MORE

I have 800cc Silicone implants. I want to go larger to 1400cc Saline implants. What doctors are willing to do it for me? (Photo)

Want to go from 800cc to 1400cc. Need to find a good plastic surgeon. Not taking a topless photo. But heres a picture though. READ MORE

Would 800cc+ be too big for my frame? (photos)

Hello, I have asked a few questions on this site in the past, and was hoping over the passing months I would feel happier with my boobs. Unfortunately... READ MORE

Is 800cc Filled to 925 Gonna Give Me my Desired Look?

My last surgery i got a breast lift with a moderate plus implant filled to 600cc. And they came out to be a lot smaller than I wanted projection... READ MORE

Enlargement of nipple/aureola size and unwanted stretch-marks due to implant change from 400cc to 835cc. (photo)

My surgeon says that my skin is fairly loose with my current implant (400cc) and an 835cc extra high profile implant will fit without problems. I am... READ MORE

Is 800cc high profile good? 5'5", 115-120lbs, broad shoulders, 2 BAs with 2 benelli lifts. 5.5 mos post op 2nd BA (Photo)

Is going for 800cc hp a good decision? I currently have 500cc mod + silicone Mentor and regret not going the largest I could have bec I feel mine are... READ MORE

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