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Are my Breast Implants Too Far Apart? Too Large? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation 8 months ago. I am 5'5 105 pounds. I was a 32 C. I told the surgeon that I wanted round shaped DD's. He informed me that... READ MORE

Better to Explant or Revise in my Case of Implant Displacement? I Don't Mind a Long Term Plan if Final Result Are Good!

I had 200cc silicone implants 8 months ago. I misunderstood doctor's orders, massaging implants downward HARD, resulting in immediate pain,... READ MORE

How to Fix my Uneven Breasts, 8 Month After the Breast Augmentation? (photo)

Had BA Sep 2012 Under the Muscle Silicone Gel, Mentor HP 400cc on both breasts. I was 34B cup, now 34D. I am concerned why are they so uneven? My... READ MORE

Implant Exchange from Overs to Unders?

I had my second BA 8 months ago with 560cc high profile overs and my results is sitting too low and visible rippling. My surgeon is also unhappy with... READ MORE

I Want a Second Revision for my Tuberous Breast? (photo)

I had revision 8 months ago. My 400 implants were changed to 300 round submuscular ones. I'm not happy with the shape nor the left breast which seems... READ MORE

Recent breast augmentation - nipple too high (Photo)

8 months ago I had my second breast augmentation and went with 800cc silicone high profile implants. I feel like both breast sit pretty low on my rib... READ MORE

8 months post op, I have pain after wearing underwire bra. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm just over 8 months post op. I had revision from 340cc overs to 500cc unders. When i wear any undwire bra, i get an uncomfortable pain and... READ MORE

What is the Best Implant for my Secondary Surgery?

I had subglandular BA in May 2012 with 360mm textured teardrop natrelle implants (13cm width). I have visible rippling since 4weeks mainly in cleavage... READ MORE

Will revision surgery be successful in making my boobs sit evenly and bringing my cleavage in? (Photo)

My first BA was March14.I had 310 HP textured unders. My right boob sat out more and overall i wasnt happy. My surgeon has suggested going bigger and... READ MORE

Breast Implant Replacement, Starting to Swell Under Breast?

I had brst implant removal & replacement 5/12. In the past couple of months I developed swelling under my breasts, towards the ctr on both breasts... READ MORE

High riding implants, what is wrong? (Photo)

I had silicon implants under muscle 8 months ago, Mentor 325cc. I was unhappy with the look (high riding from day one). My breasts were only firm on... READ MORE

What is wrong with my breasts? Did they bottom out or are they okay? (Photo)

I am 8 months post breast augmentation and lift revision (325 CC under the muscle). My nipples don't appear to be centred over the implants and my... READ MORE

What is the difference between High Profile, Mod Plus, Mod Classic? (Photo)

I am 30yo / 5'2 / no kids. I got 500cc HP unders transaxillary incison 8 months ago. They are too LARGE and WIDE for my frame. I am downsizing and... READ MORE

Unhappy with size, revision to 615 cc ultra high projection? (Photo)

8 months ago I had my 2nd breast augmentation (450cc round, high profile, under). Due to my prominent sternum they appear small. The lack of... READ MORE

Implant revision opinions? Very tight and non desired outcome. 8 months PO is my wish pic achievable realistically? (Photos)

110 lbs 5'3 ,275 cc moderate round silicone unders 34b/32d They moved way apart after swelling dissipated, desperate for cleavage .I am having issues... READ MORE

Will downsizing from 350 uhp to 275 mod +help me achieve a more natural look?

I have had my implants for 8 months now & feel they are too large. I am downsizing from 350 uhp to 275 mod +silicone Mentor unders via transax. I... READ MORE

Is it possible to "fix" one breast? Not happy with the left. Don't like the look of it and it hurts. (Photo)

I had breast revision surgery 8 months ago.During exercise it gets painful and I have to put my hand on the outside of implant and push towards centre... READ MORE

Is my right implant bottoming out again? (Photo)

I had my breast augmentation last September and has some issues my left implant had an infection but recovered with antibiotics my right implant... READ MORE

Right breast more firm than left. Do I need a revision? (Photo)

Hello. I had a revision breast augmentation in December 2014 I am about 8 months out and my right breast Is more firm then my left and also sits up a... READ MORE

What difference will it make switching from saline MP 450cc (filled to 460cc) to 390cc (filled to 440)? Is it worth it? (photo)

I'm 8 month post op and now hsve quite a bit of rippling. I'm most of the time happy with the size, but when i wear padded bra they seams to be too... READ MORE

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