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Massive, out of Shape Breasts from Bigger Implants

I'm 5'2" and had breast implants. I asked for 600cc and they put 750cc. I am not happy, as my breasts are massive and out of shape. It... READ MORE

How Much Can TE's Be Filled Beyond Their CC Amount?

I had a skin sparing BM . My TE's are filled to 550cc's. I want full C's. I am 5' 6, 120 lbs. My chest is 32 although I wear a... READ MORE

Do I have symmastia/synmastia? (photos)

3rd BA, was 600cc HP saline under the muscle, to 750cc silicone HP above the muscle. left Implant moves and at times is more towards the center. I... READ MORE

Will my 750cc HP Silicone Unders Look Natural when They Drop and Fluff? (photo)

I Am 5'3 140 Lbs. I had saline unders less than 300cc for 19 years and my revision on 3/5/13 went great. I love them and glad My PS went with the... READ MORE

Debating on 650cc's mod plus or 750cc'ss high profile. 5'1, 113 lbs. Is 750cc HP totally out of proportion with my body?

My measurments....5'1 113Lbs Projection 4.2 cm Width 13.6cm..Im getting a redo due to deflatted implant (saline). I'm going with silicone this time... READ MORE

How much smaller does silcone implant run vs. saline? Will I be much bigger switching to 750-800 cc silicone?

I have 650 cc saline and I am switching to silicone . Will I be much bigger switching to 750-800 cc silicone? I have read that silicone is smaller... READ MORE

Do I Have Symmastia? Large Implants 750-800cc. Can They Be Moved Laterally? (photo)

I recently had a revision for muscle deformity and an implant exchange. I went from a 550cc high profile silicone under the muscle, to 750-800cc high... READ MORE

How would you proceed to make my breasts symmetrical? (Photo)

Just wanted some opinions. I'm post 3 months. Silicone 750cc. This is a revision due to CC on right which they removed entire capsule and placed new... READ MORE

Anatomical Over Muscle (775cc) Vs Round Under Muscle (800cc) 6 months post explantation (1000cc) on 6ft Frame?

My 1000cc looked fine on my 6ft frame, but the base width and fullness in the upper pole was a bit too much. However I have decided that I still like... READ MORE

Should I choose style 15 with 750cc or style 20 at 800 to try to get close to my desired results? (Photo)

Deciding between styles. Moderate plus 752 offers me a base of 16.5 or High base of 15.2 or so. What do you think will bring me the overall fullness... READ MORE

Had old saline implants 550cc mp replaced w/ silicone 750cc hp on 4/27/16 due to thinning tissue. Left implant is square.(photo)

I have thinning tissue from having saline implants for 9 years and 3 pregnancies. I went to the Dr. explaining this and he recomended 800 HP silicone... READ MORE

I'm 5'7", 175 lbs, 34DD, & have saline implants 330cc. Wanting to switch to silicone. Is 750cc the right way to go?

I am wanting to add volume lost at the top of the breast and wouldn't mind to be a little bigger. My breast fall to the sides when I lay down and was... READ MORE

What procedure can move breast farther apart? (Photo)

Hi ! What would be an easy uncomplicated procedure to move my breast farther apart ? Seri was put in laterally and on the bottom, will I loose this by... READ MORE

Looking for 1000cc silicone implants, do I need to go outside of the US for them? (photos)

Currently have 700 and 750cc from 2 years ago. Healed fast and no complications or scars. Just want them bigger but do not want saline. I was told you... READ MORE

I want to swap my wide 860cc mod+ to 750ccs. Is it possible with my body type to complete my look with hp? I hate my BA (Photo)

5'6 201lbs wide chest I had a BA my dr.gave told me wt was gonna look right on my type of body going by wt he though was gonna look right on me I hate... READ MORE

Currently 650 HP silicone and going for saline 750cc. Will I achieve the look I want? I want upper pole full breast (photo)

I currently have 650HP silicone, they're very appealing. However I don't have that upper pole I'm looking for. I need to were a extra push-up bra to... READ MORE

I am 5'10", 145lbs and just went from a 450cc implant to a 750cc implant filled to 800cc. I was expecting a lot more size.

The doctor did a great job and they look excellent but the size is not what I was hoping for. They still do not project out as much as I had hoped. I... READ MORE

Wanting to go MUCH bigger. Currently have 420 saline implants. Will 750cc give me what I'm looking for? (photo)

8 years ago I got 420cc saline implants. Before surgery I was a B cup but not a full B. I'm now wanting to go larger. Im looking to be a F cup. I'm... READ MORE

I really want to be a full C, small D. Would it be possible to get there with 650 or 700 instead? (Photo)

I am getting ready for tissue exander for implant surgery. I just visited my PS for the last fill. I am currenty at 780 cc. He would like to use a 650... READ MORE

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