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Getting Smaller Implants - 700cc to 500cc Feasible?

Hi. Four years ago I made the stupid choice of getting 700cc (Round smooth silicone, high profile, 14.4 x 6.2cm)breast implants. I am a tall girl,... READ MORE

How Much Can Saline Implants Be Overfilled?

I had my saline breast implants replaced 6 months ago to 450cc's filled to 475 and 525. I am not pleased with the results. They are full on bottom... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision to 700CC Gels

I Am 5.8 and a 145 Lb  550cc Silcone and Want to Get 700cc Gels Good Idea or not i dont want them to sag . i want them to look fuller on top . i... READ MORE

720cc Saline Implants: Are They Too Small? (Photo)

I am 5'2, 122 lbs and just had saline implants behind the muscle. They are a 650 implant filled to 720 each, why do I feel like they are so small? I... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision 6 wks ago, 700cc high profile, silicone implants, they are nothing like before, what happened? (photo)

I had a lift, closed capsulotomy , closure of left pocket from previous implants. loved my implants when I first got them . Even though I told my Dr I... READ MORE

Is 700cc ultra high profile implants too big for me? (photos)

My surgeon suggested 700cc ultra high profile silicone implants for me to achieve the look and desired attributes that I would like. I am nervous that... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision Options After Deflation

I had 550 cc moderate profile saline implants done in 2005 thru the armpit. Last week I had deflation in one breast. I've been to four... READ MORE

What can I do about it? Revision or be miserable for the rest of my life! (Photo)

I had my breast lift and augmentation done on 02/19/2015 by Dr. Basu in Houston, TX. He ended up putting 700cc in the left breast and 500cc in the... READ MORE

I Want to Switch from 525g HP to 700cc Mod Plus? (photo)

I have 525 g CUI implants (12.7x6.2) I want more width and I'm ok with losing some projection. My PS said she would do the 700-750 range. I am 6'1,... READ MORE

I'm 5'9 130lbs Going for Revision. Surgeon Recommended 700cc High Profile Silicone. Im Concerned That It Too Big?

I have a professional career and I work out 3 to 4 days a week. I have a athletic body and narrow hips. My concern is that I will be "top heavy." I... READ MORE

I have 700cc silicone. Can I go up to 2500cc, with the next jump to 2000cc saline implants?

My question is is it possible to go to 2000cc by just overfeeling to 2000cc Or is it still a huge jump from 700 even with already sagging skin. Also,... READ MORE

Why does my breast have a fold on the side? Are they sagging? Or is that just lower pole? (Photo)

(Please see photos) I had stattice in my last revision due to thin skin/capsular contracture. That surgery was just Jan 14, 2015. There was also an... READ MORE

Is it Possible to go From 380cc Unders Saline to 700cc Unders Saline HP?

14 years ago I had BA and was a small B. My PS went with 380cc unders saline. Like most women, I've had kids so they don't look as good.... READ MORE

Honest Opinions on my Recent BA Exchange 1/21/13? (photo)

Exchanged 450 shells Mentor mod+filled to 550/600. They were uneven. i Wanted 1 cup fuller with silicone and to have both breasts sit evenly on my... READ MORE

Why doesn't my surgeon want to address my concerns regarding a BA revision? (Photo)

I'm 41 yes old & breastfed all 3 kids. I had BA done 6 months ago to a 550cc HP silicone. I'm 5'2 157lbs. I'm not happy with the size. I want to go... READ MORE

If I want to replace 700cc HP silicone implants for bigger 1000cc implant, do you recommend silicone or saline?

My current 700 cc silicone high profile implants sit way too far apart and I have a minor capsular retraction. Do you recommend over filled saline... READ MORE

Will 700cc look okay? Will it give my the faker look I desire?

I currently have 375cc ultra high profile over the muscle, I wanted the faker look and to me they look extremely natural. I've been back and forth... READ MORE

2 months post op, I switched my 460cc saline to 700cc (l) 750 (r) silicone. Does this look like capsular contracture? (Photo)

Hi, I am almost 2 mos post. I had a breast revision on Dec. 9th, '13. I switched my 460cc saline to 700cc (l) 750 (r) silicone. Prior,I had 4... READ MORE

Double Bubble or Swelling? (Photo)

I am 7 days post op. I had a capsulectomy on the right breast and implant exchange on both sides. I went from 400cc high profile round saline to 700... READ MORE

I'm getting silicone breast implant in two weeks and my doctor recommended 700-750cc. Do you think its too big for my body?

I am 5 ft, 115 lbs and I was a full 34C, small D when I got saline implants. Left side is 420 cc and the right side 470 cc. Now my bra fits loose and... READ MORE

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