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What Kind of Breast Augmentation Revision Procedure Would You Recommend in my Situation? (photo)

Saline,'05. Rt B deflated & Silicone gel replacements, '08. Doc went larger (DD-ugh!), w/ circumareolar lift. Said my Lft B had scarring that he... READ MORE

Change of Pip Implants to Nagor and Feel Too Big. What to Do? (photo)

Hi I had 265cc Ultra High round pip implants in 2005, i was happy with the size they were a little high for my liking but got used to them after i had... READ MORE

Will I Get Saginess if I Reduce the Size of my Breast Implants?

Hi, I'm 30 years old and have had my implants for 7 years I'm very happy with the outcome, and I like the shape of my breasts, but because of... READ MORE

Torn Between Sizes Before Revision Of Ruptured Saline Implants. (photo)

I had saline implants 7 years ago and one just ruptured. I'm going in next week to get Allergan gel implants but am torn on what size to get. I am... READ MORE

My Breast Implants Are 7 Years Old. On the Left Side the Bag is Protruding, Should I Switch to Silicone?

This started happening about 2-3 years ago and has progressively gotten worse. The right side feels like a normal breast, however on the left side... READ MORE

Fixing Capsular Contracture - Odds of Reoccurance?

I got my first implants about 8 years ago (425's) and then replaced them with 625's filled to 700 a year later to achieve more upper fulless. I have... READ MORE

How much would it cost me to fix this capsular contracture? (Photo)

I got my breasts done 2007 and now I want to remove them and get some advice on what should I do? Im thinking of completely removing them or maybe... READ MORE

Will Larger Implants Fill in Pocket Made Too Large?

I had breast augmentaion 7 years ago 350 filled to 400 saline under muscle.Well within 2 mths while laying on my back my implants started falling... READ MORE

Reducing breast implant size. 36DD to 36C. Possible?

I had saline breast implants 7 yrs ago. I want to have them replaced but I want to go smaller. Currently 36DD I want to be 36C. Is this possible? READ MORE

Can Double Bubble Give Pain 3 Years On?

Hi, I had breast implants about 7 years ago,after having a baby ( 3 years ago ) I got double bubble,I went back and tried to get the problem... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Replace Implants with Capsullary Contracture As a Result of Radiation?

2006 i had breast augmentation, saline under the muscle. 2011 diagnosed breast cancer and underwent lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation therapy complete... READ MORE

I had breast aug 7 years ago. Are there any chest exercises I can do that tighten skin above implant ? (photo)

My implants have fallen a bit and I did not receive the fullness at the top that I was seeking. I am 37 and fear that my skin is aging and do not know... READ MORE

BA revision options: 7yr old boob job (photos)

I have silicone, teardrop, 370cc, mod height, full project. Via inframammary incision, above muscle. Complaints: Distinct line between chest & implant... READ MORE

Scarring/double bubble? (Photo)

I have had these implants for 7 years. This was a revision. These are 475CC under the muscle. My first implants were over the muscle with severe... READ MORE

What would be needed to fix these? (photos)

I got 330cc saline sub muscular implants 7 years ago. I was a small A cup and went to a large C. Shortly after my surgery I noticed my nipples were... READ MORE

7 yrs ago, I had a breast reduction with implants, loved my breast but my body rejected the silicone. Revision 7 mo ago (photo)

Please help. I did my surgery about 7 months ago in Colombia,i feel like the doctor did a bad job my boob job is awful. I really feel like my... READ MORE

How much will this cost me to get them back to normal please?

I have had breast augmentation 7 years ago The hospital group did this They are now very odd, awful am ashamed Also had no feeling in them since I was... READ MORE

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