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Is 600 cc high profile implants to big on a 5'5 130lb frame?

I am 25 years old and have 2 kids after my first child I lost all my breast tissue and had my first augmentation in 2006. 390cc saline is what I have.... READ MORE

Revision - 560cc or 615cc Breast Implants?

I currently have 410 breast implants and having a revison done on friday to fill in the large gap between my breast and havng larger implants put in i... READ MORE

I am 5'7" and 140 lbs. I currently have 600cc ultra high profile silicone implants. Any suggestions? (Photo)

I am the one in the topless photo and posted a pic of another girl of who I would like my implants to look like. I am the one in topless photo. Hers... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Large and Painful. Want Replaced with Smaller Ccs, Should It Be Paid For? (photo)

First BA june'11 400cc silicone under. Started with 34A,110lbs, 5'6, 21 yrs old wanted small D. As my breast settled they became very asymetrical. My... READ MORE

Are 600cc Breast Implants Too Large?

I am going in for revision breast augmentation. Currently I have 420cc textured saline implants and they are up high and round. I really like the... READ MORE

Going from 425 mod profile to 600-750 hp? (photo)

I am 7 months post op, and went for my pre-op revision yesterday.  I am looking to have a much fuller look with more projection.  When I... READ MORE

Post Symmastia Repair, I Fear That Implants Are Too Big. (photo)

I am 5'6" and weigh 125. I had BA surgery last week and was undergoing a repair for symmastia. I formerly had 400CC moderate implants filled... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate to Downsize my Implant? (photo)

I have 600hp silicone implants. I'm 5'10 weigh 160 and would still like to be a 36D not a 36DD I've asked my surgeon about a revision and has not... READ MORE

5'8 Figure Competitor Going from 360 Cc Saline to 550-600cc Silicone

I'm a 5'8 figure competitor and have broad shoulders.. I currently have 360 and 375 cc saline implants and have rippling.... I am scheduled... READ MORE

600cc Breast Implant Revision Surgery. Size recommendation?

I am a 5'7" 145 lb athletic 26 year old who previously had size B asymetrical breasts. I was borderline need for lift but decided on augment... READ MORE

I Have 600cc Saline Implants, how Much Silicon Would I Need to Have Same Size is 600ccs??

I had 600cc saline implants and I went for silicon but my surgeon change for 525g silicon implants I'm not happy I was happy with my size but my... READ MORE

Uneven Breast Size After Implants. Will a Lift Help?

I has implants 5 weeks ago, my doctor put 600cc unders in both and 1 breast was larger to begin with, she suggested to do a lift on 1 that is larger a... READ MORE

Do I Have Double Bubble and How Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

Hello, i had a second breast surgery with 600 cc Mc Ghan implants to correct sagging breasts. It seems the dr placed the implants too low to correct... READ MORE

It's 600 Cc HP Saline Implants Too Big for a Mother That Breast Fed 2 Children I'm 23 Years Old 5"5? (photo)

I had surgery a year ago i got 470cc HP saline Unders and I am very disappointed with the results they look so small i thought they will be much... READ MORE

4 Months PO, Is It Okay To Go Bigger? (photo)

I reposting my ? About going bigger b/c most Dr's said pics would be helpful. I'm 4 months PO and was wondering when it would be ok to go bigger. I'm... READ MORE

Will Smaller Breast Implants Change the Shape of my Breasts?

I am 5'5" 140 lbs /630ccs high profile saline implants under the muscle. Before BA I was a 34A, now 36D . It is 2 years since my BA and I am finding... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation 2 weeks ago. Is there something wrong? (Photo)

Help. I had a breat augmentation 2 weeks ago today. Here is the situation. I had breast implants 14 years ago via the tuba method. One breast bottomed... READ MORE

Do I have symmastia/synmastia? (photos)

3rd BA, was 600cc HP saline under the muscle, to 750cc silicone HP above the muscle. left Implant moves and at times is more towards the center. I... READ MORE

Are extra/ultra high profile implants the right choice? (Photo)

I am booked in for my BA this Tuesday. I am looking to achieve more round fake looking breasts and hopefully decrease my gap, I feel as though my... READ MORE

Went from 325cc to 600cc and Still Feel Their the Same Size, Will I See a Change?

On January 2 of this year I had a Bellini Lift with an implant exchange and bigger. I am under the muscle and went from Mentor Saline 325 cc to Mentor... READ MORE

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