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I'm 6 Months Post-op and Slightly Bottomed Out. Rippling Starting to Appear. Will It Get Worse with Time?

I had my breast augmentation almost 7 months ago. I have bottomed out and I believe my problem is minimal but I'm starting to get visible rippling... READ MORE

Should I Have my Breast Implants Moved Closer to Midline? (photo)

6 mos.ago, I had 371cc silicone implants placed. Now my implants seem to be widely spaced-the right more so than the left. My surgeon has told me that... READ MORE

6 months after Breast Augmentation and a revision, my left breast is uneven. Will I need another revision? (photos)

I had my first BA 6 months ago, prior to surgery both breasts were even just very small. Left was a bit smaller, didn't sit or hang lower than right.... READ MORE

Mild Symmastia? Does It Look Like Another Revision is Needed? (photo)

Mild symmastia? Does it look like another revision is needed? I am 6 months post op. I have HP implants 425cc o/f to 475cc. Please tell suggestions.... READ MORE

Are the Breasts As Swollen After an Augmentation Revision As They Were the First Time?

Having breast implant redo after 6 months to change style and size. I've heard it's an easier procedure and recovery. Is it? Would I be as swollen and... READ MORE

6 Mos PO, Gel Implant Ruptured And Dr. Doesn't Want To Revise, What Should I Do? (photo)

Right implant sags off to the side, chest pain on R is still intense after 6 mos. Recently had chest xray unrelated to breast surgery, saw what... READ MORE

Nerve Pain/Muscle Spasm/Pain and Tightness in Shoulder and Under Shoulder Blade 11 Mo After Surgery. Is This Permanent Damage?

11 mo ago, silicone under muscle, left 175cc/right225. Having problems since day one on right side. Pain, tightness in breast muscle, shoulder/blade,... READ MORE

6 months post-op: Can I increase size and still look natural? (Photo)

I posted previously because I feel I went too small. My surgeon did a great job and I'm trying to be realistic. I am 5'10, 128 pounds. I am 32 c/d. My... READ MORE

Def Bottomed Out on One Side & Worried About Synmastia? What is Going on Here? Please Help! (photo)

Hi! My primary BA w/397MP was 6 mos ago. Right after BA surgery, the right breast was settled and looked perfect. Over time it has continued to drop.... READ MORE

6 months post op. I had enlargement 300cc Euro silicone overs, HP. Do I Need Revision Surgery? (photo)

6 months post op.Had enlargement 300cc Eurosilicone overs, HP. No uplift recommended. I feel my breasts are noticeably asymmetrical. I know that most... READ MORE

If the Implant Pockets Were Not Made Deep Enough Originally, is That the Surgeon's Fault?

I've reached my 6 month mark but am facing reoperation because the implants have not dropped enough. Is that my surgeon's fault in that he did not... READ MORE

Double Bubble or Bottoming Out? Options to Deal with This and Large Gap Between Breasts. (photo)

I got breast implants 6 months ago (round, smooth, silicone, 300cc, 12cm wide submuscular). Pre-op my left breast was 12.2cm wide, right was 13cm. 3... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Revision Due to Asymmetry but Problem Persists. What Can I Do? (photo)

20 years old,6 months ago I had a breast aug.Had 300cc's mentor, smooth, round highprofile submuscular implants. Noticed the left implant was... READ MORE

Advised to Change from Submuscular to Subglandular 6 Months Post Op-Some Advice Please? (photo)

I had 330cc subpectoral silicone implants placed 6 months ago, they never dropped despite vigorous massage & wearing a strap. My surgeon suggested... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Pay for a Revision 6 Months After Breast Surgery?

6 months ago, I had a breast lift with implants. I was different sizes going in and one of the things I wanted fixed was for my breasts to be evened... READ MORE

Ripples &extra skin under incision after exchanging Saline implants for Gummy Bear Implants. What is the best solution? (photos)

On 11/8//13 I had an mplant swap from saline to gummy bear. I went from 350cc saline To 545cc gummy bear. I wanted 600cc and he told me that they... READ MORE

Am I Bottoming out on Right Side 6 Months Post Op?

I am 6 months post op and received 210 cc saline implants. I am clearly bottoming out on the right side and am going back for another follow up in 4... READ MORE

Revision After 6 Months?

I had an augmentation 6 months ago and have been unhappy with the results since. They absolutely look natural but I do not feel they fit my body frame... READ MORE

Is There an Increased Risk of Infection for Secondary BA Surgery Than Primary to Downsize Implant?

I had implants too large put in 6 months ago. I have visible edges and distortion of the implants as they were too wide for my breast width. Is the... READ MORE

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