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Can I Increase the Size of my Existing Saline Breast Implants?

I have had Saline implants for about 4 to 5 years now. I had a baby about 3 months ago. I dont know why but it feels like my breasts have gotten... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Redo to Bring Breasts Closer Together?

Hello. I had a Breast Augmentation 5 years ago they are 300cc mentor round saline implants that are under the muscle. They are very far apart and... READ MORE

Breast Revision on Petite Frame to Go Larger, Is 500cc A Good Size? (photo)

I currently have 300cc moderate profile saline implants. I am 5'2' tall & 96 lbs.I have had one child since my augmentation 5 years ago... READ MORE

Hello Can You Have One Breast Implant Replaced?

Hello I had my breast done about 5 years ago and I've always dislike the feel of one of them. One breast is a little harder I think due to capsular... READ MORE

Breast Implant Redo..will I Get a Discount?

Hi, I had breast implants placed about 5 years ago. I would like to have them reduced in size as they feel too heavy, sore a lot, and ripple on the... READ MORE

Chances of Add'l Surgery Within 5 Years - Silicone Vs Saline? I Am Having Surgery Soon.

Info on Mentor silicone implants scared me. I don't want repeated surgeries (I understand risks and complication factors). In general, if surgery... READ MORE

Can My Breasts Be Fixed? (photo)

Breast reduction in 1988 , too much tissue taken from the left breast made left side a full A cup and Right side a full B, 5 yrs later had implants... READ MORE

X-Ray Reveals Mediastianal Lymphnode Enlargement Could This Be Caused by Rutured Implant?

I had a rupture and replacement of a saline implant 5 years ago. Told that my x-ray looked similar to someone having radiation for breast cancer...not... READ MORE

Revision Surgery After 6 Years...Should I Replace One Implant or Both? (photo)

After 6 years, I want a revision of my right saline implant due asymmetry (its smaller than my left). One surgeon recommends replacing both implants,... READ MORE

What Could Have Caused Pain, Fullness & Symmetry Issues W/ 5 Yo Implants? How Can I Fix It? (photo)

I'm 27 w/ Mentor HP round saline 350cc implants from 5 1/2 yrs ago in Jan '08. I have stabbing pain occasionally in between my breasts, the left... READ MORE

Can't Decide if I Should Replace Implants or Just Remove Them, Which is Best?

I've had my saline implants 5 years. I went from a small B to a full C, and just 5 years later they look terrible. I can't decide if I should... READ MORE

How much will my revision for breast augmentation cost? Right breast rides higher. Shouldn't the revision be free? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation october of 2009 and paid $3500 + $500 fee. I noticed one of my breasts rides higher on mychest should have went back... READ MORE

What sort of surgery is required to even out my breasts? I've had saline implants for 5 years. (Photo)

I had a BA 5 years ago and I was not saying its the surgeons mistake what I meant was its definitely not my fault and not what I expected $4000 later.... READ MORE

5 Years post-op. Will wearing a band or supportive bra for 3 months straight 24/7 help correct the enlarged pocket?

I had breast augmentation (370 cc's) and a breast lift on my left breast in 2009. I am now concerned that my left breast pocket is too large. I am... READ MORE

Implants to fix asymmetry, two years later had a baby & breastfed. Now they are deflated! What would be the best fix? (Photo)

I had a BA done in 2010 to make both of my breast more symetrical. One was filled with 325 & the smaller one with 375 to even out the difference. Dec... READ MORE

Will implants be enough? (photos)

Past breastlift 5 years ago. Asked question yesterday and I don't think surgeons even read my details. Nipple is above crease, the pencil was to show... READ MORE

Can any surgeon help? I'm at a loss. (Photo)

I've had uplift and implants five years ago. What I asked for was round fake boob look. Can this be achieved ? READ MORE

Had surgery in 2009. What can I do about my uneven breasts? (Photo)

Had surgery in 2009. The first year had regular f/u and my ps said that it would still drop. Since then he retired! The last 2 year they have become... READ MORE

Follow-up: Does it seem like an easy fix to only fix left breast? (Bottomed out and over-filled) (Photo)

My BA was about 5 years ago and in order to even out the asymmetry that I had pre-BA he used 400 cc implants but overfilled left side to 425 I believe... READ MORE

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