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Upsizing from 425cc to 550+ cc before or after pregnancy? How to get them to look more round/fake? will grade 2 cc help? (photo)

Im 5'4 104 lbs. I got 425cc HP silicone unders 5 months ago. They never dropped so I had inferior capsulotomy 4 days ago. They are sitting lower but... READ MORE

Am I Starting to Develop Symmastia? Are Implants Too Wide? (photo)

5 months post op my implants cause the sternum skin to raise when I wear a pushup bra. When I bend over they come too close to eachother and laying on... READ MORE

Had Tubular Breast Correction, I Need Another Lift and I Want Larger Implants and Scar Revision What Options do I Have? (photo)

I had a lift/augmentation 5 months ago. I had tubular breasts, & cup size difference. The doctor made an insision around my areola's, reduced... READ MORE

Misaligned Nipples and Asymmetrical Breasts, 5 Month Post-op - What Can Be Done? (photo)

5m. post-op and my breasts are more asymmetrical than before the surgery: misaligned nipples and right implant is 2in. off-center and falls off under... READ MORE

If 325cc Model of Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline is Overfilled to Aproximately 430 Cc is Will It Ripple??

Hi , i had breast augmentation 5 months ago. I shceduled surgery for may 24, in which i will get added like 30-40cc to my left implant and am having... READ MORE

Swollen Between Breasts 5 Months Post-op, What Could it Be?(photo)

Oct 21, I had 37 cysts removed,saline implants replaced with 450cc silicone along with a anchor lift. I have an odd bubble on my cleavage area on left... READ MORE

Small Revision for Implants And Droopy Tuberous Breast

I had silicone implants and some "scoring" my dr called it to fix tuberous breasts. My right nipple goes down and is not even with my left.... READ MORE

I Am Unhappy with How Close my Breasts Are, Had Them Done 5 Mth Ago when is the Best Time to Get Them Redone?

Also my PS isn't wanting to talk about fixing them he feels they look good, but I am not happy. Should I keep trying to talk to him or should I go... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Approach Capsular Contracture Revision?

I had my first augmentation July 2011 with silicone smooth unders through the areola. Developed contacture at week 4 in my left beast that is now... READ MORE

Malposition? Capsular Contracture? Need Lift? What is Wrong with my Breasts? (photo)

I had my BA on July 26, 2012 325 CCs, under muscle, saline. Can you please look at my photos and give me your opinion? Since 2-3 months, I'm now 5 mos... READ MORE

Is 800cc high profile good? 5'5", 115-120lbs, broad shoulders, 2 BAs with 2 benelli lifts. 5.5 mos post op 2nd BA (Photo)

Is going for 800cc hp a good decision? I currently have 500cc mod + silicone Mentor and regret not going the largest I could have bec I feel mine are... READ MORE

4 months post op, I had a implant exchange. Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

This is my results 4.5 moths post op. I had an implant exchange (330cc saline to 450cc silicone) I am so very disappointed with my results -- as you... READ MORE

Is 550CCs Too Big? I Don't Want to Be an E!

I had a breast aug. about 5 months ago. I went from a 34AA to a 34C/ 34D (and depending on the store I get the bra from I've fit into a 32DD-at... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture or Malposition or What? (photo)

Unfortunately I moved away from my PS and so I am unable to go see him for a physical exam. I did however send him these pics and he "thinks" I have... READ MORE

5 months post op, my breasts looks weird. Do I have a capsular contraction? (photos)

Originally I had 550CC silicone implants and decided to go down to 325cc. Unfortunately, following the surgery I had a hematoma in my right breast... READ MORE

5 months post BA revision, replacing 800cc implants with 510cc. Now one is sore, tight, and high. Is this capsular contracture?

I have had a second Breast augmentation about 5 months ago, this time going smaller. One of my last implants ( 800cc) ruptured and had been for a long... READ MORE

Will Capsulotomy Solve This Problem? (photo)

5 months post op and despite aggressive breast displacement massage and Accolate for 3 mos Rt breast still higher than Lt (feels like it is stuck in... READ MORE

Will Removing my Implants Help Lower my Nipple After a Breast Lift That I Feel is Too High?

I have original ba and lift in 2009, had a revision 5 months ago and my left nipple is much smaler and i feel way too high. i am so upset and im... READ MORE

Capsulorraphy and implant exchange? Will this procedure help me gain a little cleavage? (Photo)

I'm 5 months post op with 400cc silicone dual plane implants. 5'4" and an athletic 125 pounds. I've been concerned for a while about the way my... READ MORE

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