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Should I Replace my Saline Implants if They Have Ripples?

I had saline implants under the muscle 4 years ago and just now am starting to notice slight rippling. I recently lost about 10 pounds and wonder if... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Close Together - What Has Gone Wrong?

Hello, I am 29 years old, my height are 1,73 cm and I weight today 62 Kilogram (before the breast Augmentation I weighed 50 Kilogram). I had in 2007 a... READ MORE

I Currently Have 500cc Implants Possibly Bottoming Out- Steps and Cost To Revise Again? (photo)

I originally had augmentation in 2005 with saline 275cc implants taking me from an A cup to a B cup. I had a revision in 2008 with 500cc silicone... READ MORE

Would I need a lift if I want smaller implants? (photo)

Hi I've had implants for 4 years now and since I've had them I've never really liked them. I think they are too big for my body frame. I'm 4'11 and... READ MORE

Smaller Implants Placing Under the Muscle with Scar Revision. Is This Possible for Me? Maybe a Complete Removal? (photo)

Had my breast augmentation 4 years ago,Ive always worried and been upset over my scars as they are so different to each other & my nipples are odd... READ MORE

Internal Bra, Pocket Revision, Crease Made Higher?

I've had implants for 4 years and would like them downsized a LOT and the crease made higher. I have stretchmarks from the implants. I had no tissue... READ MORE

Breast Revision with No Pocket Revision, I Got New Implants but Was Left with Same Problem, What Should I do? (photo)

I had 4 years ago a breast implant, the surgeon pushed me into a teardrop implant which was placed too high and lateraly falling into my armpits and... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Refill Implants Inserted Through Armpit Years Later Without Replacing Them?

I had mine done in 2008. I know they are not busted or anything but can tell that they have gotten smaller. Is there a way to fix this without having... READ MORE

Is this a double bubble deformity? (photo)

Hey I have silicon implants round 325 ml in each brest I did my surgery in 2010 it s us muscular. And I see at the side that deformity and I think is... READ MORE

Do I Have to Pay for Correcting my Breast Implants After 4 Years?

Hi,my implant are saline .I went from size small b to d.i had to go back in after three Weeks.one implant was higher.after three years the left one... READ MORE

What can I do about a nipple fold after a breast revision? (Photo)

4 years ago I travelled to USA to do a breast revision, and got much better than was before, but my nipple now has a fold and I would like to know... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my breasts? They are so close together (Photo)

I had my surgery 4 years ago. I got a 420cc after surgery my breasts were not too close together, but became more so over time and a little rippling... READ MORE

I have 460cc implants but they have dropped a lot. Is it possible to have a lift with smaller implants? How much would it cost?

I had 460cc 4 years ago. They have dropped a lot. I would like an uplift but also to hav smaller implant. Is this possible. And how much usually would... READ MORE

Do I need to have capsule revision?

I have had my implants for four years, they are saline 310cc. My left breast goes very far laterally when I am supine compared to the right. I have... READ MORE

I'm wanting to get a revision because of the dented effect and scarring from my previous surgery and need some advice.

Hi, I went to Thailand around 4 years ago and had a breast lift and implants with 255cc in one, 200cc in other. Immediately I noticed a rippling... READ MORE

I had PIP breast implants done 4 years ago. What company should I make sure they come from when I have them replaced?

I'm still saving to have them replaced, what company should I make sure they come from next? Lost faith in the surgeon I had, I understand they were... READ MORE

Saline implants (550cc) in right now, considering shaped silicone and possibly a little larger instead of a lift? (Photos)

I had my breasts done in 2012 and since had another child. After 8 months of nursing and thinning out, I'm extremely unhappy with my breasts.... READ MORE

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