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Rippling on New Silicon Implants? (photo)

Had saline implants for over 25 years, replaced them with Silicon 4 months ago under the muscle once again. I am 5'7 and weight 128 pounds, very thin... READ MORE

Can I Go from 350cc Gel High Profile to 275cc Gel High Profile at 4 Months Post Op?

I am 4"11" and now weight 110 lbs. I had a breast augmentation Dec 29th 2010. 350cc gel high profile was placed in my breast. I was a 32A... READ MORE

Implants Are Puckering 4 Months Post Op- How To Fix This?

4 months out of BA... Implants are puckering and folding so much that I have to be careful what I wear ..The pucker will sometimes be 1/4 in high..... READ MORE

4 Months PO, Is It Okay To Go Bigger? (photo)

I reposting my ? About going bigger b/c most Dr's said pics would be helpful. I'm 4 months PO and was wondering when it would be ok to go bigger. I'm... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement?

Hi, about 4 months ago I downsize from a 750cc modplus breast to a 590cc ultra high profile implant (cohesive gels). I had a Capsulorrahapy done also.... READ MORE

Should I Have Breast Implant Revision Surgery? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 10/9/12.When I went for my consult I told her that I was thinking 300cc implants.She thought that was too big. She told me... READ MORE

Are my nipples too low or implants too high?

I had an implant exchange 4 months ago. I went from round saline overs to teardrop silicone unders... My concern is how low my nipples seem... is it... READ MORE

How Do You Correct "Squished" Looking Implants?

My implants look squished. I'm a small girl and I want to downsize (just want to look fuller not as if I'm lactating). My left boob is looking... READ MORE

Do I Need Revision Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift? (photo)

I had breast augmentation along with beneli lift 16 weeks ago, I do not like how my breast sit low and I have no upper pole fullness or cleavage. I... READ MORE

Which one of my breast is in the right position? (photo)

As you can see on the photo my breast are looking different from each other. I would like to know wich one is in the right place. The left(lower one)... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Breast Lift with Augmentation 4 Months Ago, When Can I Get Revision? (photo)

I had surgery done four months ago for breast augmentation and lift but one breast is higher than the other, as seen in the picture. The difference... READ MORE

Loose Skin, Abnormal Cleavage After Implant Exchange? (photo)

Original BA 350 cc saline 7 years ago. Very hard and unnatural. Had exchange done 4 mths ago. Asked for 500 cc hp silicone and ps put in 650 cc.... READ MORE

4 Months After Being Operated on for Asymmetrical Breasts? (photo)

I was operated on in May, my breasts were very assymetrical. The Dr put in 200 cc round mentor implant in the small breast over the muscle and lifted... READ MORE

I Have 450cc Saline Moderate Smooth Implants. 500cc in my Right Breast. What are my Options for Revision? (photo)

I Am Four Months Post Op. My breasts look so unven. my right one looks so much smaller then.the left. At times I can even see the lining of the... READ MORE

Any suggestions on holes in breast, uneven nipple, and weird ridges? (Photo)

I had redo 4 months ago. The doctor did internal bra. I feel like they are so tight and painful. I had synmastia and thin skin with low body fat. Now... READ MORE

Asymmetrical breasts w hypertrophic scars after surgery, should i get Implant Revision? (photos)

Asian,20s.170cm,70kg.Jan2013 silimed 485cc xtra high,silicone gel filled,roundbase,polyurethan surface implant. Upper pole n under pectoral muscle, on... READ MORE

4 months post op augmentation/lift. Muscle under breast is very hard and uncomfortable. (photos)

I had surgery 4 months ago. Still very soar under the breasts and despite massage the muscle along the line of the insertion is thick and hard. The... READ MORE

Do I Need a Revision? Lateral Issues. (photo)

I had breast Augementation 4 months ago. 32/34 A cup before. 325 moderate plus saline overfilled to 400 left and 375 right with a lollipop lift. My... READ MORE

Overdissection? (photo)

I had a "revision" of a previous breast augmentation and lift about 4 months ago. My left breast hurts and is continuously dropping and my breast are... READ MORE

Do i have snoopy breast 15 weeks post surgery?? (photos)

I have 325g silicone implants in both breasts. Going from a 32b to a 32f. Advised over the muscle with high profile implant, no lift needed. I have... READ MORE

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