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HP to Mod Plus? (Photo)

I am 10 weeks post op with 350hp mentor silicone implants dual plane. I would like wider implants for a little more cleavage vs projection. If my bwd... READ MORE

I Am 4 Feet 10 Inches. I Want Mid 32d Cup. Which Implant Size is Needed?

Height : 4 feet 11 inches. Age : 40 Ribcage : 28 inches Before : 32a After :32b / 32c Now the cup size is 2.4 inches after periolar incision of 300cc... READ MORE

Will 350cc Mod+ to 475cc HP Be a Good Idea?

I'm 4'11", 114 lbs, broad shoulders, BF 1 child and went from 34C to 34B but looked like an A. Had my BA on Sept. 2011 - inframammary, 350cc L&R,... READ MORE

I'm 4'11 32-24.5-36. 106 lbs. Will a 375cc Mentor high profile silicone big too big for me? (photo)

I had ba 11 yrs ago and was a 34b before. Have 240cc R 265cc L Saline above muscle. I'm getting them done again I recently lost 20lbs and now have... READ MORE

Would I need a lift if I want smaller implants? (photo)

Hi I've had implants for 4 years now and since I've had them I've never really liked them. I think they are too big for my body frame. I'm 4'11 and... READ MORE

How much bigger can I go? (Photo)

I am 9 weeks post op with Mentor 350cc hp silicone implants. I am not planning another surgery anytime soon but would love to to bigger. I feel like I... READ MORE

300cc submuscular silicone with flex deformity

From what I understand is the only way to fix flex deformity is to switch the implant placement from under the muscle to over the muscle. Is this... READ MORE

Rethinking for a revision. I'm 4"11, about 135 lbs have 470cc gummy bears. What is a good size for me going down? (Photo)

Rethinking for a revision I'm 4"11 and weight about 135 have 470cc gummy bear ..My question is what is a good size for me thinking going down 100cc... READ MORE

I can't decide whether I need nipple repositioning or a breast lift or nipple reduction or all three?

I am unhappy with my nipples. I find them rather large for my small frame 4'11" although I would not mind them too much if they were located higher on... READ MORE

Removal of 300cc saline implant, a lollipop lift and a new 225cc silicone under muscle. Will this be a noticeable size change?

I am Petite, 4'11", 104 lbs. There was encapsulation of the old saline implants, but my original breast tissue prior to my first surgery 20 years ago,... READ MORE

Found out through MRI that both my 15 yr old silicon implants are ruptured. Since it has been so long, Where do I start? (Photo)

What are some good questions to ask and what do I need to know, do I need a lift? I'm 43 yrs old, no health problems, done having kids (I have 5). I'm... READ MORE

I want to get bigger implants. Will my breast size be substantially bigger? (Photo)

On July 22 2015 I got my first BA at 450 CC Round HP Silicone. I am 4"11 at 105 lbs. I am interested in going bigger. Possibly 550 or 600 CC. Will my... READ MORE

Will I need a lift after reducing the size of my implants? (Photo)

I am 24 years old. 4"11 and 110lbs. i was a deflated 32b post op and now I am a 32dd. I had 330cc saline HP implants filled to 360 with benelli. I... READ MORE

Downsizing advice please. 1st BA 6 months ago. Mentor, round, smooth, 225cc, moderate plus 10.9 cm. Too big and round. (photos)

I'm small and short, 4’11’’, 43kg. I'd like to downsize, to as small as possible. Please kindly advice: 1- Moderate 150cc, 10.3cm w or 130cc, 9.6cm? ... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Make Them Stick out More or Look Bigger?

Im 4"11 weight 98 measurements 33 25 33. went from 32aa to n/a 68 hp 280 round smooth saline under filled 300 soooo frust. looks a cup smaller than in... READ MORE

Contemplating Getting Breast Revision and Inquiring on Prices and Good Doctor?

Hello! I'm a 38 year old 4'11 and 105 pound female who after much thinking thru years decided to go through with breast implantation last summer. I... READ MORE

Is it possible to have small breasts that don't hang? (photos)

When I lie down, my implants go into my armpit and my chest becomes flat. I had my first implants put in after my 2nd child. Before babies, I was... READ MORE

How many ccs should I get? (photos)

Need some help and advice. I would like to know how many ccs should I get for my breast agumetationtation with a lift. I currently have 475 ccs... READ MORE

Will my stretch marks get worse if I go up one cup size? (Photo)

Hi I'm 4"11 and 108Ibs. I have 360ccs and I'm 2 months post op and I've developed stretch marks. My surgron is treating them with some cream. I'm... READ MORE

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