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Small Sore Bruise Lump in Left Breast? (photo)

I am 4 days post op from having capsular contractor revision surgery on my right breast, I've now got a bigger implants and on left breast near my... READ MORE

4 days post op after my symmastia repair and implant exchange, my right breast is out of shape. Is this normal? (photos)

I previously has a saline implant of 420cc with symmastia and I decide to go with dr hedden with my symmastia which he did a internal sututres and my... READ MORE

Common Mistakes while Healing from a BA revision? (photo)

I just had revision surgery on Nov 21, 2013 as my left implant dropped lower than my right. Although I have instructions from my PS of what to do /... READ MORE

How long do you have to wait before a revision? What is the likelihood fitting another 100-120cc in once the skin has stretched?

I had breast augmentation 4 days ago with 295cc HP implants this was the largest size I could go due to lack of breast tissue. I really wanted more... READ MORE

Breasts too far apart 4 days after breast implant replacement. 250cc to 380cc replicon (Photo)

I was told before my surgery once I wake with this implant they stay in the exact position because it's a Velcro effect. Anyway I woke a bit... READ MORE

Breast Revision with Lift? (photo)

I am 4 days post of from a breast revision with a lift. Went from style15 397cc to style20 325cc. I am having a lot of swelling next to my breast in... READ MORE

I May Have Torn Internal Stitiches?

Hi i am 4 days out of breast aug revision of left breast to which i had an internal plication procedure done. During the night i went to get up and... READ MORE

Is my result normal? (Photo)

Just had my revision surgery and Im not sure if my results are normal or if something is wrong. My right implant bottomed out and I had my surgery on... READ MORE

Will my implants stay uneven? (Photo)

Im 4 days post op. This is my 3rd surgery in 5 years. I had congenital breast asymmetry which is why I had the surgeries. My last implants looked even... READ MORE

Should I have my High Profile Implant changed to Extra High Profile?

Had surgery 4 days ago. I am 20 years old. My ps put in Natrelle Style 20 Round High Profile Silicone 500cc by mistake instead of Natrelle Style 45... READ MORE

Normal redness? 4 days post op breast lift with implant exchange (Photo)

The redness has gotten a lot worse over the last day. Normal? I'm also concerned the breasts are too low as well. Could this resolve itself as I heal... READ MORE

My mother has intense bruising and swelling four days after her implant revision. Is this normal?

My mother had her breast implants in for 18 years and 4 days ago she got them taken out and replaced with somewhat smaller breasts: the surgeon said... READ MORE

Will my breasts drop and become less stretched and closer together? (Photo)

I am 4 and a half days post op and I can't help but worry that my breasts are looking quite far apart I have seen a lot that this is normal and when... READ MORE

I am 4 days post op, with revision over the muscle to under the muscle with 450cc silicone, with an anchor lift. (Photo)

I am worried because some of the steri strips fell off when removing the bandage as ordered. Also it looks uneven and lumpy to me. Will the implant... READ MORE

Do my incisions look okay or are they looking irritated due to the surgical bra? (Photos)

Curious to see if this healing is normal or not? I am 4 days post-op and my breasts are looking quite good. But I was just making sure that the... READ MORE

4 days post capsulorraphy/implant replacement. I am freaking out. Post op blues? Need some advice or some reassurement (Photo)

Pre Pics posted.Went from 475/510 smth saline unders. Deflated in office. PS adv to wait 2 weeks and let skin "shrink up". Nipples were 21/22cm on op... READ MORE

Breast Implant Too HIGH - 4 days post-op BA. (photos)

Had with Dr. Freiman. 750cc High Profile implants. In a lot of pain from 1 side only (left side) which is super swollen and pressing down on my chest... READ MORE

Concerned about right breast, looks deformed; is it going to stay that way? (Photo)

Concern about the appearance of right breast, looks like someone punch a hole on the side of my breast and it left a mark. I am 4 days post op. Had... READ MORE

Day 4 after a breast implant exchange, and my nipples face outward. Will they stay this way?

My doc moved the pocket a little closer together, as my breasts were very far apart. I went from saline to gel, about the same size. I'm very thin,... READ MORE

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