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Currently 350 Cc. Going to 550 Cc. 60 Yrs Old, 5' 7", 170 Lbs. Will It Be Too Big? (photo)

I am 60 years old, 5'7", 170lbs. I have breast implants from 1983, silicone, above muscle, 350cc. I am having a revsion Feb 1st. I am... READ MORE

Can the Pocket Under the Breast Accommodate a Smaller Implant? (photo)

I'm 60 years old and like most older women want to lose the matronly look that my 30 year old large implants give me. I'm curious if the pocket... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Breast Implant Repair if I Have Had Them for over 30 Years?

I was told it is called capsulated. It is very hard and sometimes discomfort. It is also emotionally debilitating as I am aware of it 24 hours a day.... READ MORE

Should I Get New Implants After 33 Years? Have had Calcified Capsules for Last 6 Years.

I got silcone implants in 1979 & immediately they got hard. But it didn't bother me. For last 6 years ultrasounds have been showing... READ MORE

Lifetime of Silicone Implants?

I had 225 cc silicones placed over the muscle 30 years ago. They ruptured 2 years ago and I had them removed a few months ago. They were great... READ MORE

Best Course for Replacement of Slightly Ruptured Silicone Implants of 35 Years?

My implants, 35 yrs ago, were above the muscle and still look good. I have had encapsulation and lumps which are sometimes painful. The mammogram and... READ MORE

What Does Breast Augmentation Redos Involve?

I'm 55. Had saline breast implants in1981-no problems. Now saggy and need replaced. I think I am about a C cup. What does this involve? READ MORE

Breast implant exchange: cost and downtime? (Photo)

Want to get new implants , full C or D, with cleavage, I'm 56 had 275cc gel implants put in 1985, was an A cup, and they are hard and uneven , I made... READ MORE

Should I Replace 27 Year Old Implants I Am Relatively Happy with to Avoid Complications of Future Leakage?

They are soft, no leakage per MRI, folds on sides that bother me a bit but may have in new ones, as I have little fat. Plan to replace them BEFORE... READ MORE

My 3rd set of implants are too big and too floppy. I think the PS didn't do a great job?

In 1996, I was 5 ft 2, 115lbs and got saline implants under muscle 275cc. Perfect. In 06 bigger implants my weight was 130lbs -375cc's put in. This... READ MORE

Can my old implant be replaced, and look good? (Photo)

I had 275cc gel implants in 1985, they are hard and uneven , i would like a d cup, do you think it will be an easy switch, and how costly. READ MORE

My 35 yr old silicone implants ruptured & had to be removed. Is re-augmentation considered "cosmetic" or "reconstructive"?

Without replacement, my upper torso would have been significantly deformed. surgeon Also, the implants caused most of my healthy breast tissue to... READ MORE

Want to explant after 30 years and insert new implants in 1 surgery

I got a BA in 1986, silicone. I have been happy with them and have not had any problems. My implants are extremely natural looking with no... READ MORE

51 year old with 31 year old saline implants needs advice about breast revision options -- any suggestions?

I had breast augmentation surgery 31 years ago: round, saline and above the muscle. There weren't many options back then! The surgeon who did the... READ MORE

Severe capsular contracture around saline implants from 1978, Will I be able to achieve a natural feel through revision? (photo)

I had seven subsequent attemps to break the capsule in my left breast after surgery.The implants are now like hard irregular rocks under the soft... READ MORE

I'm wondering if I need my implants replaced? I've had them for 30 years & starting to get some calcification.

I'm worried that my mammograms may not show lumps as easily as in the past. I also don't like the feel of them & there is some slight burning involved. READ MORE

I've had my silicone implants over the muscle for 30 years. In my case would it be alright to not remove enbloc? (Photos)

For 27 years I had no problems at all! The last 3 years I've had my right breast harden in areas! I've been told that a doctor could remove implants... READ MORE

30 year old implants front of muscle removed. Can I do a lift and put new implants in with one surgery?

If I remove 30 yr old implants ...silicone. Front of muscle. Not real big. Can't remember how many cc. Maybe 300 no problems with them. Just sagging a... READ MORE

Replacement of 30 year old saline implants, no lift needed, what's cost in the Savannah are and what does it entail? (photo)

I had saline implants done 30 yrs ago & have been happy w/the natural look. I can now feel bubbles & pockets and my GYN doctor says tgey... READ MORE

After lifting heavy tile, my silicone implants turned, and are now oblong. I'm considering polyurethane implants.

I have had silicone implants in my breast for 34 years. Last year I lifted heavy tile next morning my implant turned. I had no... READ MORE

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