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How Long to Wait Before Fixing Capsular Contracture?

Hello, I had my first breast augmentation on July 7th this year with smooth silicone implants under the muscle. My left breast started contracting in... READ MORE

450cc Hp Implants Too Large for Frame, Need to Downsize Before Lift Compromised

I had anchor lift/aug 2.5 mos ago wanting a full c/small d cup. My ps put in 450cc hp while on the table "to fill up my skin" as others... READ MORE

From the Pics, Has my Left Breast Simply Just Bottomed Out? Dropped Before the Right or Another Problem Altogether? (photo)

My left breast is very soft & the most natural looking & the incision is sitting perfectly under the crease. My right breast is however, still... READ MORE

Can I Downsize my 600cc Silicone Implants for 500cc Without a Lift?

I got implant a 3 months ago and I selected 600cc HP but changed the size before the surgery to 500cc HP, telling the doctor the most I would go for... READ MORE

Breast Lift/Augmentation- Too Large? (photo)

It has been 3 months since my breast augmentation and crescent lift. I had expressed to my doctor my desire to have more shape, but did not want to be... READ MORE

I Have Double Bubble, Do I Need to Pay to Fix This or Should my Surgeon Just Cover It? (photo)

I am 3 months post op from having breast aug. I noticed the double bubble effect after 2 weeks post op. I have brought up my concern with my board... READ MORE

Breast Implants REVISION at 3 Months? (photo)

Hi: I'm a 5'2 120 pounds with a 14 bwd. I went from 32AA to 34D with a 550 (L) and 500 (R) natrelle saline implants HP. I am 3 months post op... READ MORE

How Long to Wait for Breast Augmentation Revision?

I am 3 months post-surgery and my right breast has bottomed out. How long do I need to wait to fix it, and what are the risks involved? READ MORE

What can I do about it? Revision or be miserable for the rest of my life! (Photo)

I had my breast lift and augmentation done on 02/19/2015 by Dr. Basu in Houston, TX. He ended up putting 700cc in the left breast and 500cc in the... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Results Continue To Change Shape, It It Due To Scar Tissue? (photo)

Last year had breast lift and augmentation, 3 mnths later replaced implants due to "severe" CC and scar tissue. One year later, again, my... READ MORE

Should I Have Another Revision and How Long Should I Wait? (photo)

I am 12 weeks post op from a revision. I had a donut lift with implant exchange to 550HP and an Internal Bra. I feel like the donut lift was not... READ MORE

Should I get a revision to make my breasts closer together? (photo)

14 weeks ago I got 300cc mod plus implants filled to 360 under the muscle, and now I feel like they're so far apart that I look odd. I can't even get... READ MORE

Unhappy with Far Apart and Lateral? (photo)

I had 325cc HP (under musle) post-op 3 month ago. I am not happy with the gap between my breast and lateral.They look fake for me. I am really petite... READ MORE

Should Fixing the Bottoming out of my 3 Month Old Implants Be Covered Under the Original Fees?

My left breast implant is bottoming out. When I raise my arms the nipple is almost all the way at the top of the implant. The doctor has me scheduled... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Implants Not to Have Fully Dropped if Surgery Was in January, 2012?

I went from saline over the muscle implants to silicone under the muscle implants in January. The implants haven't completely dropped and I feel... READ MORE

My Plastic Surgeon Won't Do Anything to Help Me After 3 Months of Having a Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had a removal/replacement with silicone implants with location change to under the muscle, about 3 months ago. I had concerns with lack of fullness... READ MORE

Why Do I Have to Wait 4 Months to Do a Revision

I got implants in november. I felt too large with 300 cc and i switched to 250 cc silicones instead of saline after 4 months. Now I still feel too... READ MORE

If the Dr. Added More CC Could This Be Fixed? I Am So Depressed, and Sick of Surgery. (photo)

Had Anatomical (Under) 380/400 cc removed. New saline round protruding.three months later ,The right side was flat..( Had 3 pins wholes in it) think... READ MORE

Breast Aug 3 Months Ago - Areola Shape and Location

Should Aerola Be an Odd Shape and Sit So High, That It Shows Outside my Bra? Any info would be good, i have been to my PS he suggests waiting it out... READ MORE

How Quickly Can Capsular Contracture Occur?

I had silicon breast implants put in two years ago. Three months ago I had to have the right implant replaced due to capsular contructure. Now my left... READ MORE

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