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Why Do my 650cc Hp Gel Implants Look Small?

I had implants a year ago 425 overfilled to 475cc. i am three days post op with my second surgery and i chose 650cc high profile gels. why do they... READ MORE

3 days post op Breast implant revision, I now notice a dent. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I had a revision on my right breast 3 days ago for bottoming out. I took the tape off today and noticed a dent in my breast. I asked the nurse... READ MORE

Is This a Normal Appearance/shape of a Breast After a Lift? (photo)

8 months ago I had implants to even out my breast size. 3 days ago I had a revision of the left to fix the pocket, and a lift to the right to make my... READ MORE

I Used to Have 225 Mentor Replaced with 421cc Allergen, What Size Will I Be?

I had my BA 3 days ago, still very sore, haf them replaced due to rupture:( My first PS said he would only put a 225 mentor,The smallest implant , im... READ MORE

Will my left breast stay the way it is after my implant exchange? (Photo)

I got my breast exchange 3 days ago and he went in and tighten the pocket up to lift my breast back in place after having my daughter my breast... READ MORE

Revision, One Side Bigger Than Other? (photo)

I had my 1st BA March 2012. 5 Days after I expressed one being smaller. I was told one side was swollen more & then later one muscle is used more.... READ MORE

How much bleeding is normal after capsulectomy and implant exchange?

I had grade 4 bilateral CC beginning VERY early on at my initial BA. I am very swollen and bruised and have bilateral drains which are filling up... READ MORE

Little left breast is totally numb.

I had a revision three days ago and the results so far are beautiful..exactly what I expected.. The one thing that I am finding out isn't hat my left... READ MORE

2nd BA-3 days post-op. Will I be a D like I asked for, or will I be too small? 400cc silicone mod plus unders (Photo)

3 days post and sad. I think I went too sm. Now thinking I should have gone with HP silicone 500ccs instead of moderate plus since sizers I liked were... READ MORE

Implant replacement and mini lift with alloderm for left breast bottoming out. Opinions on my results? (photo)

What do you think of my results 3 days post op. I am extremely happy but wish my nipples were a little more even. Dr didn't want to mess with them... READ MORE

My breasts are uneven, even after revision. Will my right implant rise or not? (Photo)

HelloI underwent my first first breasts argumentation 4 months ago 450 cc cohesive silicon implants armpits. My chest muscles are tight the implants... READ MORE

Does this look like hematoma? (Photo)

I am 3 days post op from my revision breast augmentation. My PS told me today that he believes I have a hematoma in my right breast and that we will... READ MORE

Will my Seri mesh internal bra soften and allow my new HP cohesive silicone implants to drop into place? (Photo)

I am 3 days post op and had my old saline implants replaced with 485cc cohesive silicone high profile implants and also added a seri mesh internal bra... READ MORE

Breast lift & implant exchange. What's the best way to treat mild nipple venous congestion? (Photo)

Procedure done 3 days ago... And i did 2 hypervaric sessions, second it was before the pics... READ MORE

Bright Redness on breasts 3 days post-op; could it be a infection? (Photos)

Ive noticed my right breast near the incision is red and then there is a place on my left breast that is bright red as well. SLIGHTLY warm to touch... READ MORE

3 days post-op, too soon to request revision? (photo)

I'm 5'9'' 130lbs and have breastfed 5 babies. I expressed a desire for a lift and fuller breasts and of course, a larger cup size. After surgery I was... READ MORE

3 days post-op, post-capsulectomy: Can I honestly expect my breasts to assume a normal shape? Currently horrified. (Photo)

10mo ago I got 255cc subglandular & LOVED them. They were dropped, round, soft, hung like real breasts. 4mo in, left breast got encapsulated. I... READ MORE

31hours post op. Should I be concerned? (photo)

I had gotten a breast augmentation done and came out with a asymmetrical difference in sizes and symatasia. I went in for a revision surgery with a... READ MORE

I'm so frustrated so I'm asking please give me an honest Dr.'s opinion...will my boobs be FULL ROUND UPPER POLE? (photos)

First BA 2002, Mentor Full Riund, 310cc overfilled to 360cc. I'm 3 days post op on the exchange replaced with Allergan Natrelle 45 style 550cc. I... READ MORE

I just had revision surgery and this is day 3 of my surgery aftermath. Will I be needing a third surgery to fix this? (Photo)

I just had revision surgery because my first surgery didn't go so well. Now I am wanting to know I am only day 4 in of my post op will I be needing a... READ MORE

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