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How Many Cc's is a "Safe" Increase? I Trust my PA, He Did an Amazing Job First Time Around, Just Want Another Opinion?

I'm 5'2" and weigh 110 lbs. I currently have in 250 cc in the left and 275 cc in the right. Saline under the muscle. I've had them in 18 years with no... READ MORE

Needle Deflation of Saline Implants Yesterday. One Month Want to Replace with Small Implants. Surgeon Doesn't Want to Go Small?

Replacing w/ silicone under the muscles. I am a 34A now, a little saggy from the deflation & funny looking for the implant still in there. I... READ MORE

Can I downsize my implants without a breast uplift? (Photo)

I have 260cc implants, low profile overs with slight CC in one breast. Is it possible to have implants removed and replaced with smaller implants; I... READ MORE

Overfilling - can I get them filled again to 950cc each? (Photo)

I have a 600cc implant. My right breast is 720 and my left is 750 under muscle . Can I get them filled again to 950cc each ? I'm aware of risks and... READ MORE

Want my Recent Breast Augmentation Re-done?

I only went for 250cc silicone subgrandular but feel now after abour 6 weeks I could of went bigger.The swelling has gone down and settled.My only... READ MORE

51 years old, 5'4, 170 lbs after 130 lb weight loss, would 225 & 250cc saline moderate plus profile implants fit my large frame?

I am 5'4" and 170 pounds. Very athletic. 51 years old. Lost 130 pounds and had breast lift and implants. My implants are smooth round moderate plus... READ MORE

Can you change your breast implant size a week after surgery? (Photo)

I had breast implant a week ago and are unhappy with size I have the option to get them removed from 330 implant to 255 this week. Is this dangerous... READ MORE

What size and implant (HP or Mod plus) choice for second time? I want to go larger and I'm worried/concerned if I should (Photo)

I am 5'5" 115-120lbs with 250 cc mod plus silicone gummy bears and want to know size and implant type I should do to not regret. My surgeon said he... READ MORE

I'm a healthy, 44yr old. Recently had my 3rd surgery, and have now, yet again popped open. Why does this keep happening? (Photo)

5 wks post op- my 2nd redo of my maxipexy/implant placement. I've healed better this time around but now, after the tape was removed, I've popped open... READ MORE

From above the muscle to dual plane? (photo)

I had 280 and 300 ml implants placed above the muscle and decided to get 375 and 400 ml under the muscle (dual plane). My doc said it would correct... READ MORE

Can I switch from textured round silicone implants to autonomically shaped textured full height low profile implant?

I am 5'4" 110lbs, 32D. I currently have 325cc 11.9cm diameter textured silicone implants. They have too much upper pole fullness and because of little... READ MORE

Will a Pocket Revision help even out my breast? (Photos)

Breast augmentation performed on 9/28/16. 230 cc saline ultra high profile filled to 250 cc. Currently 6 months post op and my last visit I had with... READ MORE

I had 300cc saline implants (over the muscle) replaced with 260 cc high profile silicone implants (submuscular) on 11/3/16.

Surgeon removed substantial amounts of skin under my breasts to give me a slight lift but it wasn't enough (scarring is horrible). I am now scheduled... READ MORE

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