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60 Years Old, Wanting to Replace 23 Year Old Breast Implants, Options? (photo)

23 years ago had McGhan implants. Size B & saggy. Had 320cc implanted. Contracture grade 3 & 4. Weighed 120 now weigh 145. Breasts went from C... READ MORE

Deep Indentations After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had breast implants in 1991 and after 21 years of enjoying them with no problems they have to be exchanged because rupture after a mammogram. After... READ MORE

Replicon 325 Silcone W/ Polyurathane Cover- How Firm Is Firm?

Here is my question, How firm is firm? How do I know if I needto get them replaced? I feel that my left one is getting hard but not sure, would my... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision After 22 Years? (photo)

My breast implants are 22 years old. (silicon) under muscle. I have notice in the past 6 months that my left breast is smaller and slight rippling. I... READ MORE

Want To Have 20 YO Implants Exchanged for Bigger. Should I Go Over or Under Muscle? Saline or Silicone?

I Have Under the Muscle 330 Cc Implant Sugery 21 Years Ago. I Am Considering getting larger implants possibily 600cc. Should I keep the new implants... READ MORE

Should I Replace my 20 Yr. Old Silicone Implants?

I currently have 20yr. old Silicone implants (i am 44yrs. old) placed above the muscle. I would like to replace them with the newer implants and go... READ MORE

Older Implant Changes and Mamography

I have a 22 year old saline implant on the left that has shifted toward the armpit in the last few years and recently I can feel more rippling/folding... READ MORE

Downsize to look and feel more natural? How to prevent firmness/ripples? (photos)

Have had implants with no breast tissue for 20 years.I am not in the norm here. I have zero breast tissue. 3 breast surgeries, and really would like... READ MORE

How much would it cost me to replace my silicone breast implants? It will be 20 years in a year

I like to know what would happen if the 20 years come up and I haven't replaced them READ MORE

Will an internal bra give me the lift I need? (Photos)

Scheduled for upcoming revisionary surgery, converting to under the muscle with an internal lift. I had breast augmentation done 20 years ago, placed... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision after 20 years - Still uneven. Another revision or just have them removed? (Photos)

I had my initial breast augmentation surgery in 1996 and was very unhappy with the results. After 20 years, I finally decided I needed to feel better... READ MORE

28 year old textured silicone implant revision

I have very thin skin and two years ago had a MRI and it did not show leakage. I have textured silicone implants above the muscle. I am 58 years old... READ MORE

Solution for breasts that are too wide with mild wrinkling? (Photo)

I had saline implants placed in 20 years ago. My anatomy before was a wide chest wall which is accentuated with implants. With an athletic build my... READ MORE

My implants are 19 years old .They have turned rock hard. Sore. Misshapen. Corners and square like appearances (photo)

I paid thousands in mullingar hospital for these. I would rather die than have no chest. I suffered enough for that for years. Can I get new implants... READ MORE

Do I need a lift? Will I require strattice? Going from under (twenty years ago) to over (Photos)

Going from under to over using round gummy, going up one cup. 545 . What happens to the old pocket. I'd like my nipples centered , does it look like a... READ MORE

Do saline breast implants need to be redone after 10 years or longer?

I had breast implants (saline) done 20 years ago, they have sagged abit and you can feel the implant bag. What is the procedure for this and the costs READ MORE

I have saline implants since 1994 and they are in terrible pain. Do I need to worry about this pain?

I had saline implants in 1994. I know I have scarring. They look terrible, are hard as a rock and both are in terrible pain. Can the scarring tissue... READ MORE

Under/Over? Revising 375 Saline to 650 UHP Naturele Silicone Smooth Round via areola after 20yrs. Orig 32AA-A. CapContr level2

One PS says to put new over muscle, stating muscle tearing too much if we put it under? What does he mean? While other PS said definitely below, for... READ MORE

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