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Permanent Sutures for Breast Implants Pushed out to the Side?

I've had 350cc saline implants under the muscle for 2 years now, and have bottoming out. I'm muscular with little body fat, 5'2", 104 lbs. My implants... READ MORE

Should Folded Breast Implants Be Replaced?

I recently found a lump in my left breast. Upon diagnostic mammography it showed a fold in the upper part of my saline breast implant. While relieved... READ MORE

Going from 350cc and 375cc to 275cc and 300cc Will my Breasts Sag?

2 years ago i got saline implants 350cc and 375cc and wanna go down to 275cc 300cc, I want to know if my breasts will look saggy? I started as a small... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision: Can I Go Smaller Without a Lift? (photo)

I had 475cc silicone gel breast implants placed under the muscle two years ago. I have felt they are "too big" for awhile but have tried to accept... READ MORE

Should I have a capsulectomy, capsulotomy, or just continue massaging? (photo)

I had my BA almost two years ago. Saline, sub-muscular, with 370cc in the left and 380 cc on the right. A month after, PS recommended massage for the... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange with Fibroadenoma, What's The Best Way?

I have breast implants 230cc. I been diagnosed with fibroadenomas after breast implants.Now is 2 years and they still the same I decided to remove... READ MORE

What's needs to be done to correct this? (photo)

I had my augmentation 2 years ago by a doctor who disappeared off the face of the earth .. No surprise I've had nothing but complications, my breast... READ MORE

Last Night As I Was Turning over I Felt a Twinge on the Right Side of my Implant. Should I Worry?

Last night as I was turning over I felt a twinge on the right side of my breast implant. This morning it still hurts alittle. They look ok and it's... READ MORE

One Breast Larger Than the Other 2 Years Post Op?

I had my augmentation 2 years ago. Now my right breast is all of a sudden much bigger than the left one. I had a capsulectomy about 6 months ago to... READ MORE

Scar Tissue on Areola a Result of Multiple Procedures?

I've had several different breast implants. First saline, later silicone, followed by revision surgery on the one breast to create more of a gap... READ MORE

Tubular Breasts Revision? (photo)

Helo, I'll be very happy if you can recommand me, I had tubular breasts revision 2 years ago I dont have a picture of my breasts before the operation,... READ MORE

How do I get the very high fake look? And how do I get it to stay that way? (Photo)

I got 800cc high profile silicone implants 2 years ago. I told the doctor that I wanted them to look fake and be super high. They are extremely low... READ MORE

Already had BA 2yrs ago should I get a revision to go bigger? (Photo)

I had 400 cc silicone moderate plus profile implants put in 2 years ago. They are not as full and big as I wanted them so now I am debating to get... READ MORE

Upsizing from 650cc HP to 800cc UHP hopefully. From your experience will I see much of a difference? (Photo)

Apt is made with my original surgeon for 8/15 been two years since my surgery. From your experience will I see much of a difference going from 650cc... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of using mesh to fix and further prevent bottoming out? (Photo)

This May will be 2 years since I had my breast done. At almost a year I noticed they were dropping and my right more than my left. I'm scheduled to... READ MORE

I Want to Increase my Breasts Again, My Doctor Says It's Too Risky, Is This True?

I had surgery 2years ago for my large breasts.They looked great at first, seemed like the perfect size after surgery,but of course after a couple week... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for an Internal Bra? (photo)

I had tubular breasts revision 2 years ago I dont have a picture of my breasts before the operation, my left side was A cup, but very saggy and the... READ MORE

Revision Implant Issue- Seems Deformed.

My implants are only 2 years old, replacement for the ones that were 20 years old.Saline, above the muscle. I have on the top of each breast, on each... READ MORE

2 years post op of Breast Implants, my left breast implant has dropped considerably. Can this be fix? (photo)

I previously had a pectus repair 4 years ago and a breast implant surgery 2 years ago, and the scar runs smoothly under the crease of my breast on the... READ MORE

Deformed breasts and nipples! Is this fixable? (Photos)

I got a breast lift with implants (under muscle) 2 years ago, there were some complications with my right breast, it wasn't healing right and I had an... READ MORE

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