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Permanent Sutures for Breast Implants Pushed out to the Side?

I've had 350cc saline implants under the muscle for 2 years now, and have bottoming out. I'm muscular with little body fat, 5'2", 104 lbs. My implants... READ MORE

Should Folded Breast Implants Be Replaced?

I recently found a lump in my left breast. Upon diagnostic mammography it showed a fold in the upper part of my saline breast implant. While relieved... READ MORE

Going from 350cc and 375cc to 275cc and 300cc Will my Breasts Sag?

2 years ago i got saline implants 350cc and 375cc and wanna go down to 275cc 300cc, I want to know if my breasts will look saggy? I started as a small... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision: Can I Go Smaller Without a Lift? (photo)

I had 475cc silicone gel breast implants placed under the muscle two years ago. I have felt they are "too big" for awhile but have tried to accept... READ MORE

Should I have a capsulectomy, capsulotomy, or just continue massaging? (photo)

I had my BA almost two years ago. Saline, sub-muscular, with 370cc in the left and 380 cc on the right. A month after, PS recommended massage for the... READ MORE

What's needs to be done to correct this? (photo)

I had my augmentation 2 years ago by a doctor who disappeared off the face of the earth .. No surprise I've had nothing but complications, my breast... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange with Fibroadenoma, What's The Best Way?

I have breast implants 230cc. I been diagnosed with fibroadenomas after breast implants.Now is 2 years and they still the same I decided to remove... READ MORE

Last Night As I Was Turning over I Felt a Twinge on the Right Side of my Implant. Should I Worry?

Last night as I was turning over I felt a twinge on the right side of my breast implant. This morning it still hurts alittle. They look ok and it's... READ MORE

One Breast Larger Than the Other 2 Years Post Op?

I had my augmentation 2 years ago. Now my right breast is all of a sudden much bigger than the left one. I had a capsulectomy about 6 months ago to... READ MORE

Scar Tissue on Areola a Result of Multiple Procedures?

I've had several different breast implants. First saline, later silicone, followed by revision surgery on the one breast to create more of a gap... READ MORE

Already had BA 2yrs ago should I get a revision to go bigger? (Photo)

I had 400 cc silicone moderate plus profile implants put in 2 years ago. They are not as full and big as I wanted them so now I am debating to get... READ MORE

Tubular Breasts Revision? (photo)

Helo, I'll be very happy if you can recommand me, I had tubular breasts revision 2 years ago I dont have a picture of my breasts before the operation,... READ MORE

How do I get the very high fake look? And how do I get it to stay that way? (Photo)

I got 800cc high profile silicone implants 2 years ago. I told the doctor that I wanted them to look fake and be super high. They are extremely low... READ MORE

I Want to Increase my Breasts Again, My Doctor Says It's Too Risky, Is This True?

I had surgery 2years ago for my large breasts.They looked great at first, seemed like the perfect size after surgery,but of course after a couple week... READ MORE

Revision Implant Issue- Seems Deformed.

My implants are only 2 years old, replacement for the ones that were 20 years old.Saline, above the muscle. I have on the top of each breast, on each... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for an Internal Bra? (photo)

I had tubular breasts revision 2 years ago I dont have a picture of my breasts before the operation, my left side was A cup, but very saggy and the... READ MORE

Implants be fixed? Revision? Bottoming out & double bubble! Did wearing the band extra week force the left implant down? (pics)

Augmentation was done in Aug/11325 cc smooth round silicone implants placed behind the muscle, through the armpit32A before the surgery, droopy with... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of using mesh to fix and further prevent bottoming out? (Photo)

This May will be 2 years since I had my breast done. At almost a year I noticed they were dropping and my right more than my left. I'm scheduled to... READ MORE

2 years post op of Breast Implants, my left breast implant has dropped considerably. Can this be fix? (photo)

I previously had a pectus repair 4 years ago and a breast implant surgery 2 years ago, and the scar runs smoothly under the crease of my breast on the... READ MORE

Can my breast be repaired from a double bubble, and what kind of scar treatment would be recommended? (photo)

I had transaxillary breast augmentation two years ago, but developed double bubble on my left breast. Last year The doctor recommended to cut my skin... READ MORE

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