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Am I Starting to Develop Symmastia 2 After Scar Revision Surgery?

I am 2 weeks p/o from revision surgery to lower my left breast and upsize to 500cc mod plus silicone unders. My cleavage is much closer now and the... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Op and Rippling and Bottoming Out? (photo)

1st BA 8 yrs ago 365cc overs, looked amazing, since had 2 babies lost size, fullness etc, I found a new PS in my area and 2 weeks ago had surgery to... READ MORE

Is This Mondor's Disease on the Upper Chest? (photo)

Hi, I have a visible vein just above my cleavage on my right side. Although the skin isn't red or broken, it feels as though something is scraping... READ MORE

Will 400cc from High Profile to 350cc Moderate Plus, See a Change in Size?

Hi, I had breast implants 4years ago at 400cc high profile. 2 weeks ago I had them downsized to 350cc moderate plus profile. I still feel they have... READ MORE

Breast Fold Doesnt Look the Same! Looks Pinched After Revision for Bottoming Out? (photo)

I bottomed out of my implants and more on one side. I had the one side corrected and my breast looks worse then before. I had surgery two weeks ago... READ MORE

Will I Definitely Encapsulate Because I Had a Seroma?

I am almost 2 weeks post-op from an open capsulectomy/implant exchange (right side only), and I developed excessive fluid in my breast. It's... READ MORE

16 Days After, Capsular Contracture or Implants Movement? (photo)

Second surgery,first breast augmentation on 1994 as you see with contrapture on left breast,and the last on 23rd Novembre found that right breast was... READ MORE

Am I Getting Capsular Contracture Again ?

I had my 3 rd breast implant 4-28-11. 2 weeks ago 450 cc smooth round high profile gel under my muscle. My last 2 breast implant i had capsular both... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation 2 weeks ago. Is there something wrong? (Photo)

Help. I had a breat augmentation 2 weeks ago today. Here is the situation. I had breast implants 14 years ago via the tuba method. One breast bottomed... READ MORE

Breast Pocket is Misshapen Due to Rib Placement? (photo)

My 1st BA was in June and right side did not descend. 2 wks ago had pocket revision. Natural right breast was smaller and higher than left. now there... READ MORE

Can I Get Smaller Implants Less Than 2 Weeks Post-Op? (photo)

I understand that implants swell and take time to drop & fluff, but I want them smaller NOW. I realized that all of my "want/like"... READ MORE

Weight Lifting After Implant Replacement?

I'm two weeks PO for a Breast Implant replacement. Went bigger, no issues. Silicone, high profile. I had no pain. Started lifting my 35 lbs son at... READ MORE

Incision Infected 2 Weeks After Re Augmentation? (photo)

2 weeks after my re augmentation (due to PIP) I found a small amount of red/brown gunk coming from incision I got it swabbed and it came back with... READ MORE

Gummy Bear Breast Implant. When Will They Fall Into Place?

I had breast implants replaced 11 days ago. Though my right breast is still swollen. my left implant is riding high. the incisions beneath the breast... READ MORE

Will my Implants Even Out, and Will my Scar Get Better? Please Help!

I had breast augmentation revision about 2 weeks ago. I was left with uneven breasts, and a terrible scar under my right breast. The scar pulls in... READ MORE

Worried About Contracture from Hematoma

I had BA done about 13 days ago. My left breast is higher, very hard, swollen, significantly bruised (suspect for a hematoma - should I request an... READ MORE

Is Very Swollen Breast After Breast Revision Surgery Due to Capsular Contracture Normal? (photo)

Breast aug with 410 gel implants 245 cc unders. Had revision surgery due to minor CC in left breast. Doc removed scar tissue and repositioned left... READ MORE

IMF Rising Up Along with Swelling Going Down?

Hi Doctors- I am 2 weeks post a breast revision. The crease fold of my right breast (the side where there was pocket work done) has gone up about 3... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Breast Implant Surgery? How Long Do I Have to Wait? (photo)

My left breast sutures weren't as tight as my right one causing them to look uneven.One is perfectly hight and round and the other one is lower one... READ MORE

Muscle Deformity in Overs, 2 Weeks Post Op, Correction Surgery. What To Do?

I posted previously as I had a dent in my after having unders. My surgeon agreed to fix the problem & just 2 weeks ago I went under the knife... READ MORE

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