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Capsulotomy? Pocket Revision? (photo)

I had my 2nd BA Oct 2011 (change from saline to silicone, increase 425cc to 752cc, both sub-muscular). I'm 5'10" / 138 lbs. Watching my breasts... READ MORE

Mentally Adjusting After Downsizing ...offended PS? (photo)

Downsized w Local after 11mos 450HP-300HP. During past week I so happy then as week progressed I got sad & questioned size w coordinator on phone... READ MORE

Revision from 265cc High Profile to 420cc Extra High Profile? (photo)

I would like to go bigger by a cup size and have been offered 420 extra high allergan overs. I am 59kg, 1.65m tall and a size 8-10. Was 32B pre op and... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Breasts 11 Months Post Breast Implant Revision, Why Is This Happening? (photos)

I had my mastopexy w/implant surgery in November of 2011. After a few months I noticed that my right breast was not as full as my left. I had a... READ MORE

Can I downsize my 450cc hp over muscle mentor silicone implants? (Photo)

I had 450cc high profile mentor silicone implants over the muscle 11 months ago. I was (barely) a 32A pre op, now measuring a 30E or a 32DD. I am not... READ MORE

Experiencing asymmetry and window shading. May I have advice for correction? (photos)

Breasts are asymmetrical. Lower right breast is "window shading" and doctor is proposing to lower the higher breast to correct the asymmetry issue and... READ MORE

Is this a form of symmastia? The only way to get a gap is to wear thong bra or tape cleavage apart (Photo)

11 months ago I had revision from over to unders. My left implant moves across the sternum. The skin is loose and "tents" or raises off my chest. The... READ MORE

Side fullness breast augmentation 11 months ago. Schedule for surgery April 8 to have smaller implants. Any suggestions? (photo)

My breasts sit half on the front of my chest and the other half is under my arm. Met with my plastic surgeon and to fix my issue. My surgeon suggest... READ MORE

What are the possible complications for corrective surgery for double bubble on the right breast?

What are complications for a double bubble on right breast. I had my breast augmentation last August switched from saline to silicone and had capsules... READ MORE

I am wondering about the price average on revision surgery.

I want to get my implant size increased. First of would this surgery cost the same as the initial surgery or less? Also, after 11 months one breast... READ MORE

Implant sitting higher than the other and not dropping after capsular contraction and second surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had breast implants done 2 years ago (255CC). I had capsular contraction in one breast. At first fat grafting was done to hide it. Then 11 months... READ MORE

Will changing to bigger implant fix asymmetry after first BA?

I got my breast Augmentation about 11 months ago. But one has dropped lower and my nipple's slightly tilted upward. I don't have a double bubble, the... READ MORE

Fold of skin under breast implant after revision surgery, is this normal and will it go? (photos)

I had a full uplift with 300CC moderate profile silicone implants in May 2016. My left implant healed in a higher position giving me a degree of... READ MORE

Do I need revision surgery for lift & implants for tuberous breasts? (Photos)

It's been 11 months since I paid close to 10k & traveled to NY from Norway to fix my breasts. I am utterly devastated with my results. As you can... READ MORE

Scars have gotten darker and bigger since I got pregnant, is this normal? (photos)

Hi I got my breast revision surgery last November(scar is under my breast) and I got pregnant this March. Sincr I got pregnant my scar got bigger (bit... READ MORE

11 months post op Breast revision, I discovered lumps in each breast, both underneath my nipple area. Any suggestions?

Small lumps that can be felt under my nipple area in both breasts . Also I was looking to be D cup and discussed this with my surgen and I barely fit... READ MORE

Revision surgery on right breast to drop implant?

After 11 months post, my right breast has not dropped. My surgeon & I decided on surgery to fix. Only my right pocket/implant is being lowered and my... READ MORE

My implant seems to have shifted, and dropped more, what can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I am 11 months post-op. About 2 weeks ago i noticed my right implant has seemed to shift weirdly. Dropped and move farther to the right. I am right... READ MORE

No capsular contracture or rupture. (photo)

11 months post op one revision surgery on left breast right breast now rock solid. Had second opinion from another surgeon as I'm not getting anywhere... READ MORE

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